Words of all shapes and sizes

The dawn will take us all eventually
Why hurry the chase…

The dawn draws slowly near as he searches for her smile in the clouds and the morning breeze.
The pain found on this morning woke me before my time.
This loathsome place I’ve become
Holds no place in my heart but wraps it’s darkened arms around my shining light and draws it deeper near it’s long walk into forevermore.

One goodnight kiss and one in the morning should wandering hearts not have.
Should all not have the grace of tender lips to wash the grey from the day?
Should all not feel the warmth of loves fingers.
Lost in thought and worry as this angel has lost her wings, such struggle and plight as she washes everything away
Even the love that found her and promised to never let her go,
Fades….fades from the day like love letters lost in the rain, their ink fades and
Ivory paper wash free of the words reasons to be tired to the heart..
In time we all forget..
The dawn will take us all eventually
Why hurry the chase…


The bats bring me home
Is the heart built for such punishment
As the head spins out of control.
Such thoughts belong penned by masters and examined by scholars
Not written by poetish painters.
The bats bring me home to the desert cave I found as a child.. Cool calming from the desert heat.
The sharp smell of ammonia tells me I’ve gone to far.
Like Hells brimstone the scent encompasses your whole being becomes you like a deathly lovers embrace.
The bats bring me home as I sit and ponder the days ahead, it’s cool and calm a relief from the fire in my soul relentless like the desert heat..
So many tears I’ve shed in two day from this wound of empty, one more step of uncertainty I know not that I can bare.
For a heart made of fire and tears is so hard to hold…. Am I slipping through your fingers….
The bats bring me home… Gentle soft sounds calling to the morning dawn, swimming in what’s left of the knights sky.. Swimming in the memories of what was, what is and what may be….


In the cold of the night
I journey to your side
From a lifetime away.
Each night searching
For the piece of me
I left behind.
You greet me with silent
Lips and eyes that
Speak a thousand words.
As our love knows no end
Nor beginning for it
Has always been.



The Lady with the Ermine, Leonardo da Vinci, 1496


I’ve loved you since I first laid eyes upon you.
Was it Paris or Madrid, 15th or 16th century I
believe. For they don’t let Angels free anymore
as they prepare for the great coming war.

I can still taste you on my lips and smell the
Verbena in your hair, hints of citrus and vanilla.
Lips as red as the Aegean sea used to be and
A voice as soft as silk from eastern winds.
I’ve been lost in your eyes as though a ship
at sea, traveled your curves and hips for days
Lost like the deserts dry.

I would know your heart amongst any and
many, for I’ve held your soul and given
You mine a hundred times in a thousand years
Each time failing to call you mine completely.
Subtle glances from across a crowded room
only to find your scent lingering in the air
But never to kiss your lips again or feel the caress
On a broken heart, wounded from ignorance of
Society and stifled by those of weak will and
narrow mind I shall search till the last dawn
to breath your air once again.





There once was a time when slept
I slept with dreams of my own
Calm and peaceful in the night sky
Gentle summer breeze through a window
Left open just enough…
To keep away the demons of the night…
Now I find myself with coffee and words
In the small hours of the night
Wandering the halls of new home
As I’ve done so many times before
Bach in the background as my fingers find
The keys to ease my worried mind
And wanten heart.
Poetic justice for a painters heart
To wander with words so late in the night
These small place and faces
That haunt my desires and dreams
Keeping paint at bay till the words stop
Falling from the sky.
There once was a time when I slept…..


Remember when..Original words and Paint by:Benjamin
There was a time when both sleep and dreams came easy.
It was all unknown one giant great adventure.
Long summer nights spent walking down endless lanes that
wrapped around the block a thousand times
until smells of home filled the nights sky.
Days spent counting flowers in fields and a simple
look lasted a life time. Electricity so strong I’m not sure how we survived
that first kiss, first hands to truly hold.
Clouds forever drifting in that summer sky.
Cherry lip gloss has never tasted so good and I have never
been so nervous as I was that summer…
Yeah, I remember when



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