AM studio time~Stuff and things

Good morning, I hope the day has found you well. It’s been an early morning here in the land of pills and paint. Last night I put some color on the tree knowing full well I’d be darkening it up considerably. Since I often paint in 100’s of micro layers and glazes I’ve learned over the years it’s best to start very bright and work to dark as opposed to the classic training which says start with dark and add light. Here’s a little look at the Winters Birch piece.


There is still a great deal of work to do on this piece. There is also still a very good chance that I’ll turn the whole thing back to dark blue, purple,grey and white.

I’ve also been working on Love this morning and last night as well. I’m going to be using the fine liner technique with this piece detailing with #1 and 2 size brushes. Some might think it’s nuts to work on a 48″ painting with a tiny little shader but I find that when I’m working inches from a piece like this that the more small brushes work best for my shaky hands. They’re light and give me a great deal of control. Here is another look at Love;


Love comes in so many shapes and sizes for all of us. It’s deep and grounding yet lifting an etherial. It’s rough and challenging yet soft as a feather. There is no one singular definition that fits love in a box for it is physical and spiritual all destroying and all saving. Love tis a tricky thing. Three small words that can change the world.
I’ve also started to work on the new Coral Series II this morning. They are still wet so it will be a while before they progress much further but here is the first looks at a two piece set called Companion ~ Coral series





As suggested by the name these pieces will be painted to compliment each other. This years coral series I’m going to try to make very bold but as with everything I do the paints wishes will always come first.
Thanks again for spending some time with me today, I realize there are a million other things that you could spend your time doing other than checking in on the shaky painter so please know how much I truly, deeply appreciate you, your words and our time together.

As always please; Be Brave, Be Bold and Thrive in the life you have.

1970-Current A work in progress

Old friends~ the process prt.1

In my hast to complete the studio I seem to have forgotten to invite everybody to the party.

Let’s see we have some paint some palette knives a spray bottle or two a table to paint upon.. Hmmm what’s missing?…. Oh that’s right something to actually put the paintings on like canvas or birch panels….Duh!!!! To quote the infamous homer. Yes it’s true I do have probably 60 linear feet of the vintage birch paneling leaning up against the studio wall but it’s not cut or sized or treated in any way.. 😦
Thankfully a magic fairy made a donation to the pills and paint fund so I immediately ran ( drove ) to the art store and picked up 4 panels so I could get to painting. (2) 14×14 one 12×24 and one 20×24 just enough to keep me busy until I can cut some larger pieces out of the vintage boards I have.

Ahh much better, it seems some old friends came to see me today. A little music, the smell of fresh lumber and gesso. Some plaster of Paris and innumerable ideas for far more paintings than the panels I have. I’m happy, no, thankful to be back in my studio. Honestly I could have painted under a bridge with sticks, blueberry juice and charcoal. ** a long story I’ll save for another time.** anyhow it gives me great pleasure to announce that BMP Studio ~The Farm has opened it’s doors. It gives me an even greater pleasure to be back to painting my heart and soul for those who care to bare witness to the journey and events , emotions , pains and joys of my life as an Artist, father and person with young onset Parkinson’s disease.
I hope that life has been good to you these past few weeks I regret not being able to keep up on my blog reading and commenting as I should.
Thanks again for your comments and faith in my work.
Much love