Hi!! Yes I’m still here….

It’s been a while. My apologies. Things have Ben going well. The new house and garden are coming along very well.

I’m starting this post 5/7/15 hopefully I’ll post it today but if not at least we have a starting reference point. It’s Thursday here in the states. A beautiful sunny day as I write to you from the back garden.

I’ve been doing some painting on a few pieces one you’ve seen before but it’s taken a year to create.


LOL~ 5/13/2015
I should have pressed the post button, I’ve been doing a small amount of painting or rather I painted a small painting:

Mixed media
1/2 birch panel

This piece was the first of many inspired by my new garden and new chance and chapter in my life.

**Garden flower inspiration

Collage of close-ups and original painting.
As always Be Brave, Be Bold and Thrive in the life you have…

Talk to you all soon.
“A life in progress”



Here we are… Or there we were….?

It’s funny how we all call victim to time. The celebration of dates and moments in our lives. Today I sit here and write as I’ve done for years now. Tonight it’s been one yet since the last something red show. I remember a strange lonesome night filled with a black suit a red scarf and possibly a glass of wine or two 😉

My dear friend Gryphon joined me that evening as we wandered the tiny little town if Salem Oregon, sipping wine and freezing a we walked to the awards thing.

Here I find myself one year later living and painting just a few floors above where I was a year ago today. Life has changed more that one could ever have imagined and the stories of those adventures could fill volumes. Tonight I’m joined for the first time for an event. Something I’ve waited a life time to do. A year…. The older we get the faster they come yet if we think about it in the grand scheme of our lives a year is simply a year like any other, so make each day count like there is no tomorrow. Live, love and laugh each day.

*we all have them, do you control yours?
24″ x 24″
Mixed media
Work in progress

Untitled work in progress
24.5″ x 48″

Well it’s time to go to the showing, I must admit I’m a little nervous when it comes down to it I was raised in a very competitive way so is love to place but I also really am going tonight to show my support to the amazing people at Artists in Action and our fare little art community here in Salem.
So until we meet again please try to Be Brave, Be Bold and thrive in the life you have…..

“A life in progress”


I wonder why?

The dawn came calling in the dark of the night
The world still slumbering as I rose to meet you,
But you’d gone.
Left behind the taste of disagreement and scorn.
What words of man fill these pages of black and white.
Dribbles of thought and human emotion cast into a sea of darkness.
One by one they get picked apart, ingested and set free.
Like pigeons on the rooftops we hope they’ll find their way home.

Such a silent dawn it is, so many caught up with the winds
and rain. Letters lost, time out of focus as I struggle to remember the days
Name then wonder why it’s important to begin with, such a paradox this life can be. Waiting for the chems to kick-in a train sounds in the distance carried by a cool breeze, a sound heard by only those lucky or misfortunate to be awake. So many visions crammed into one skull I often wonder why, why me? Why this darkness that haunts the corners of my mind. Oh to be held in the gentle arms of an angel to rest my head and heart for just one more day.

I can hear the city start to wake. The broken and fearful the hungry and lost souls of day scattering their desires on the soundscape. One more day, one more paycheck, one more cheeseburger and then it’s done. Chasing a lucid daydream till the body becomes old and frail. Running from death, born with the awareness we are alive. Is it a gift or a curse and does the fish I ate. Know it’s name, does he go to fishy heaven or miss his frye? I wonder the point of all these things as these words fall from the sky, catching one at a time and finding a place for them to live in this world.
I wonder. I always have,… I wonder why..


Heartstrings and thing

Given the hearts of man pulled by the stars above
and the oceans below tis no surprise
our wandering hearts break so easily.
Great knights with armor so
do carry that burden of the stars and below.
With each ebb and tide as the moon wanes
as so do I, find myself caught
In the tide wash and flow.
Such madness of being
these heartstrings and things.
Paint and prose a wild growing rose
Kisses at midnight and tickling toes.
All these things of a guarded heart knows
Yet simply keeps kept where
the secret garden grows.


My day in a few words and some paint

If I gave you my heart
Would you steal it away
To find me sitting
On this foggy day

Alone and cold
Shivering inside
Simply a motion
I just can not hide

Painters and poets
The bricks that
They lay
Creating the future
Foundations that stay

For today’s tomorrow’s
The old ways return
Abstract expression
For true heart they yearn.


“one line”
Madams Parasol
A series of daily drawings done with only one line once the pen touches the paper no picking up, that’s the rule. 😉
Sans to be signed.