Quick studio update

Madness” is his name.
Still trying to get the feel of this piece, I think honestly its my fault I feel in love with the other big “Underwater Love
And lost focus on this one plus I finished the “Evolution of Sorrow“piece and (deep breath) have 2 more textured pieces screaming at me for color. So my bad that little guy and I will reconnect when it happens I’m not one to rush certain things, others yes I’m like a little kid, oh well young at heart.
Underwater Love” done

Evolution of Sorrow” Done

So that leaves the two primed pieces waiting and I have a surprise waiting for people which I’ll do a separate post about later. So until we meet again, your beautiful I love you and be good.

This song and dance goes out to missy if you know her then you know who I’m talking about. Miss you gir,l I hope your okay.


Pain and Parkinson’s disease


An aching shoulder is a fairly common early symptom and heralds the side of the body Parkinson’s will start. It is not uncommon to be mistaken for arthritis. At some point, most people with Parkinson’s experience aching, stiffness, numbness or tingling. For a small percentage of people, pain is the most disabling symptom of the disease. “Thats Me :(” Ive alwas been an over achiever.

Poor posture can lead to musculoskeletal pain. Neck or back arthritis can contribute to nerve or root pain. Dystonia—the sustained twisting, spasms, or posturing of part of the body—is perhaps the most severe cause of pain in PD. Often it occurs early in the morning, when the last levodopa dose has worn off, and can be relieved by a new dose of medication. Extreme restlessness, called akathisia, is a form of discomfort that prevents some people from being able to sit still, lie down, eat at a table, or attend social gatherings. Rarely, Parkinson’s causes a form of pain called central pain.
Pain in Parkinson’s sometimes is caused by the disease and other times is related to medications. Many therapies are available. By doing a careful examination and taking a detailed medical history, your doctor can diagnose the source of your pain and suggest appropriate treatments.
Parkinson's awareness month

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Pain in Parkinson’s Disease
Category: Non-Motor Symptoms and Complications of Parkinson’s
Resource Type: Publications
Publication Date: 2005
Author: Blair Ford, M.D.
Publisher: Parkinson’s Disease Foundation
Cost: Free
Toll Free: (800) 457-6676
Email: info@pdf.org
Associated URL: http://www.pdf.org/en/factsheets
Address: 1359 Broadway, Suite 1509
City: New York Zip: 10018
Language: English
State: New York
This fact sheet addresses the often overlooked painful symptoms of PD and describes an approach to diagnosing and treating the various pain syndromes that may occur. Also offered in Spanish.

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~ walk with me ~

Greetings from the studio, thanks for joining me, hold one moment please lets out on some music

Come….lets talk and take a little walk.
Come with me back to the mid-80’s

I do my first large piece on Masonite
Styled after Juan Miro
Later 1986-1987 Pollock comes into focus:

And a few random explosions

Can I get you something to drink, no? Okay let’s move to the 90’s and the oils things start to get interesting.

Still one of my favorite pieces
Oh and let’s not for get the 100 yr piece

Very few piece remain from the 90’s as most were sold it given away, so we’ll walk quickly stopping to chat just a moment

Start of mother and child series, I used to be 4 FT x 4 FT


Big Green

Another take on mother and child

And we’ll leave the 90’s behind with something for my Father.
Then what happens you may ask? Benjamin disappears for 10 years? Kinda. Ya know life corporate jobs get intense, raising kids 😀
Then 2010 comes I’ve been working 60 hrs a week for 20+ years and my body starts getting really stiff, sore I’m fatigued all the time lol I joke that I’m getting old. Oh no life has something else in store for me. Jan 2011 hits and I can barely believe the amount of pain I’m in all of me hurts every morning like I’ve been hit by a truck. This goes on for 7 months finally I’m scared lets stop sucking it up and go to the doctors, sheesh guys go to the doctors ok? From July till November I’m poked prodded, X-rayed, MRI’d more blood is taken in multiple times than the human body has in it at once and they come to the conclusion on 11/4/11 hey you’ve got Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease. Well the other shoe has dropped. So what do I do… I sleep,dream and remember who I was destined to be from birth.
Stay tuned for the last 2 years..