Greetings from the studio 1/30/14

Good morning, I can’t even begin to tell you how absolutely wonderful it is to see you here today. Or for that matter how lovely it is for me to be here this morning. As you may or may not know since my move out to the country I have gained  a private studio space, heated with separate entrance real windows and an office. (which still isn’t set up) One of the things that I didn’t take into consideration when I moved was the fact that I was no longer living with some of the amenities of the city such as a the bus, or having my son and daughter even remotely close to the schools that they attend. Oops, poor planning on my part. So there are days when I literally have mere moments to myself before I have to attend to the needs of others.

Such is life. That being said it does give even greater pleasure to the time I do get to spend in the studio. Below you will find a number of pieces **All of which are works in progress, please join me as we take a short walk through my most recent adventures.


This piece is very close to being finish, its comprised of gold flake enamel and various cadmium of yellow, orange and white.


“The Last Dance”
9″ x 12″
mixed media
This piece has yet to receive it final definitive depth coat a signature final varnish or truly be finished but I’ve had this image and feeling in my head and heart for weeks. If you will let me take you to your (our) past. That feeling of the last dance of the night, or a long good-bye from a date that started and ended innocently 24 hours after it started. I know I’m not verbally expressing myself well but that joy and longing, sense of completion yet a yearning for it to go on forever even though you know its time to go…. That is what I’m trying to express in this piece and will once completed. Hopefully to be completed after my morning tasks today.
This lovely miss is just a charcoal drawing that took about 1 minute to do ( 12’x 24″)honestly I am just looking at placement of the figures getting an idea of location, form and feeling. I’m going to be combing (hopefully) a number of styles into this piece. The Goodnight moon, idea with my classic figure style as well as a little surrealism done in the same fashion as Green Girl. We shall just have to wait and see how it all goes could work, could not.


by now everyone should be able to recognize this collection with their eyes closed , yes its a Coral piece one of two and it is very, very early in its development. As a matter of  fact it only has one color so now its just a giant orange blob but I guarantee that will change shortly. If you haven’t had a chance to stop by and see the Love piece in its new frame then please do so, I think it turned out rather well. As always, Be Brave Be Bold and Thrive in the life you have. Should you ever need reminding of how truly gifted, special, unique and important you are to the world please come see me and we’ll talk. For it’s always harder to see the light you create for others when your standing in the middle of it.

Much love and light.


Studio stuff….and thing…

Good morning, afternoon am evening I hope the day has found you well. After my early morning rambling words I was able to find some focus and purpose to my day. Often in the early morning hours I find it hard to focus as all the thoughts both words an images flood my head, honestly it can be a bit overwhelming. I don’t just see these painting I paint I feel them. Literally just as clearly as if someone shook your hand or have you hug to out it very mildly. Here are some images from the studio as I sat and waded through the depth of my consciousness.



Lastly the tasks of the day that I a wait patiently to do

I touched on this a bit this morning on twitter. As some my see blank pieces of wood I see endless possibilities. What you can’t see that well is I’ve already marked and measured the boards for cutting I’ll be able to get
(2) 24×24″ and (2) 24×36 panels from the woods we see here. So 4 new paintings waiting to be born. Very exciting. Well, I’m off to continue the rest of my day I hope your day/nights are going well.

Much love

PM paint~ the process prt.3

Good evening, I hope the day treated you well. It’s been a busy day around here today. I have only just a few days before the old house needs to be cleaned 😦 as you know I’ve been pretty busy over here getting things out together and quite honestly it slipped my mind. Plus I’d pretty much rather do anything but clean that place right now. Oh well all in a days life. It’s just about dinner time here in the Pacific Northwest so I’ll make this brief. I have ha a small amount if time to paint today.

I’ve been applying small layers if glaze and color washes over the pieces in an effort to start to create some definition here’s a quick look this far.
The Many Faces of Me”

Unnamed 😉

And the other Unnamed piece

Honestly I don’t expect much from these first few pieces as it always feels like it takes a minute or two to reconnect entirely with the paint. Especially when I’m still being pulled in 700 directions each day but with some patience things will find their routines because that’s what life does it ebbs and flows in a constant circle. Currently it still feels like I’m climbing the the uptick of change but soon the flow of changes circumference will come around and I’ll be riding the change instead of finding my place in its new folds.
Until we meet again, Be brave, Be Bold and Thrive in the life you have.


First Paint,The Farm.~The process prt.2

There are advantages to not sleeping as most people do. It tends to give one more time in the day/night. Sometimes it’s a bad thing when the demons come calling and I’m up all night lost in torturous thought. Then there are nights when broken ribs and the sleep patterns of a PWP come in handy. Last night was one of those such nights.

A good night that is, please enjoy some of the fruits of my insomnia and broken bones tis truly my pleasure to share. Keep in mind that this is only first paint so I can guarantee these pieces with change a great deal before they’re finished. 3 different pieces started yesterday 3 different styles I have names for two of them and no I’m not going to tell at this point.
Last night we started here;

Then at some point between 10p and 4a this happened:
#1 is 12″x24″

#2 is 14″x14″

#3 is 14″x14″

Again there is much paint to be taken off and put on still with these pieces. Today depending on how the rib hold up I intend to continue to unpack the house and hide in the studio. Though I may go out for a bit since I need to pickup the pieces from the “Something Red” show

Well it’s time for more coffee and a bit of a stretch before these bones of mine decide to stay stuck where they are, but as I’ve said before; “it’s always a good day when I have paint on my hands before I have shoes on my feet”.
That being said I’ll leave you with the thought of the moment, Don’t chase your dreams….Live them.

A work in progress

The Studio~ ready to painting..

It’s been a month, or at least it feels like it. ” Hope” was the last piece that I created in the Rees Hill studio.

I’ve been pretty busy today putting the studio together and I think I’ve got it to a point where I won’t be thinking of stuff to fix. Though I think I’m going to get rid of the couch and swap it out for a rocking chair. Here are the first few photos from the new studio.

The entryway.

The seating area.


The studio.

I’m still not sure if I’m going to keep the cherry table in the studio. It’s pretty big though and as much as I love it I’m just not sure it’s going to fit right . Well all you fabulous people it’s time for me to unwind. Tend to my broken ribs, which are killing me today and settle in as always,
Much love and light.

A work in progress