One month and counting

I’m raising $5,000 until 03/14/2022 for DBS (deep brain stimulation) surgery, lodging and expenses. Can you help?

April 4th I check in at the imaging department at OHSU. On the 5th I rest and finish any and all last minute life stuff. The next day on the 6th of April I have my official surgery. I stay in the hospital overnight, then assuming all goes well a few days later they insert my power pack, then 2-3 weeks later I get plugged in and tuned up. They’ve provided 3 days worth of housing free of charged which is a blessing indeed . Unfortunately the who process is two surgeries and a recommended 30 day healing and stabilization period. These donations will go directly to the lodging and direct care that OHSU and insurance doesn’t cover. Any and all donations are impactful and I can’t express my gratitude and thanks for all of you. Please share the link even if you can’t help monitarily . All things done with love and light will be successful. Always and with some luck, science and faith I’ll see you all on the other side of this. If not please remember to always be brave be bold and thrive in the life you have.



Tonight, right now

The day has yeilded once more to the night.
My frozen frogs and crickets has begun to sing their songs of love.
As the cherry trees begin their dance
My my pears remember their names.
Ms. Daffodil dances with the night
Like the kindness queen
As the birds sleep soundly in home
Man made.
Roses twenty feet tall might have eaten us all
If I hadn’t loved her so much that first day.
As mans medicine keeps my shakes and quakes at bay, the spiders have come out to play.
For tonight the crickets once again sing their song if love.



“Epiphany of Spring” signed

Thank you for your patience but tonight I’m happy to show you first finished glimpses of “EoS” and afterwards you will find a painting I started so long ago that I can’t even remember so long time 20 years ago easily. But first “EoS”

18 x 24
Mixed media
On canvas
She is currently showing a fake frame because I really needed to see this piece framed, below you’ll find close ups and a peek at a piece that by demand I will be re-starting and finishing.




I am deeply honored to have been able to share the evolution of this piece from something I was going to throw away to something I really like, so again
(Deep bow)
And here is ” Green Lady” she is on canvas and will be an abstract -shocker right- if one looks close and let’s their mind think of the references of both a young man and his fascination of the female form and the the suggestive nature of the egg, birth, re-birth, change and metamorphosis then one may see the outlines of more women and or body parts arms,legs and other things… Again started before some of you were born O’s be nice.

Again thanks to so many of you for your love,support,encouragement and trust. I’ve said it before “An artist with out a purpose is useless” The day I stop to inspire thought or passion, feelings of some kind is the day I’m done I’ll go fishing.
Ps: no I won’t go fishing I don’t like to fish cruel unless one is hungry.