litreacha chuig an buachaill

The sun shines so brightly on this day of days
Fifteen years ago as I stare into your
Eyes and promised to never leave your side. Oh how life has challenged that promise over the years.
I severed your connection to the flow
Of life that fed you and was the first to greet you into this world.
My life has never been the same.
Charged with honor and pride I stepped forward a new man with a new name as you called me Dad.
You are the gift of all gifts the light of all light, you are my son and I love you more than the air I breathe.
Happy Birthday Boy ‘O


5115 days ago….


5,115 days ago the best thing in my life ever to happen, happened. My beautiful baby boy was born. I remember it in perfect clarity. As he took his first breath I stood by his side and as I cut his umbilical cord I whispered two things. Then out of the blue he turned his eyes to mine. I whispered an apology and a statement of unconditional love, how until the last breath left my body that I would protect and teach him. How I would be the father that I had not.
Happy Birthday my boy, my sweet, sweet angel of my life. The reason that I have not long since been swallowed by the madness that lay in my soul.

You’ll have to forgive me if my posts are a bit lite today as I hope to make this day as special for my son as he made this day special for me 14 years ago.
Much love, strength and hope to all.

do mo mhac

Before you came to me I knew your name
I would sing to calm your restlessness
before you even breathed air
As you arrived I stood by your side
For your first breath you looked in my eyes
A promise I made that day
and have kept-will keep for all of my day
And all that come after
To guard and grow to honor and teach
Limitless heights I know you can reach.
For ever and always
My son.