One month and counting

I’m raising $5,000 until 03/14/2022 for DBS (deep brain stimulation) surgery, lodging and expenses. Can you help?

April 4th I check in at the imaging department at OHSU. On the 5th I rest and finish any and all last minute life stuff. The next day on the 6th of April I have my official surgery. I stay in the hospital overnight, then assuming all goes well a few days later they insert my power pack, then 2-3 weeks later I get plugged in and tuned up. They’ve provided 3 days worth of housing free of charged which is a blessing indeed . Unfortunately the who process is two surgeries and a recommended 30 day healing and stabilization period. These donations will go directly to the lodging and direct care that OHSU and insurance doesn’t cover. Any and all donations are impactful and I can’t express my gratitude and thanks for all of you. Please share the link even if you can’t help monitarily . All things done with love and light will be successful. Always and with some luck, science and faith I’ll see you all on the other side of this. If not please remember to always be brave be bold and thrive in the life you have.



1/20/14 studio update

After a long night chased by demons I’ve found myself doing the one thing I know will heal my soul . Yes…. It’s painting. Last night / this morning I started work on the me Coral Series 2 pieces. A day or so ago I cut the panels:

Since then some things have changed.



These pieces were designed to be companion pieces to each other, I guess we all need a true companion once in a while.


These pieces are close to being finished but still require a final glaze and solid color wash. With any luck I may have them finished by the end of the day. Which by the way is my official day off. No errands or going out at all today. Stay tuned for a detailed post on Love, as she is very very close to being done.




I hope where ever you are and whatever your doing today that you feel loved and appreciated. If for some reason you don’t then as you read these words know that you are. I’ll check in later.


2014 expected Collections

Hello, thanks for coming by. As mentioned in a previous post I have some plans for 2014 and the collections I’m looking forward to creating and sharing. You’ve already seen a couple of them.

Autumns Passing
Is the First of a Seasons Series more than likely I’ll only do four of these a year,
Upon completion

Winters Birch
will be this years first Seasons piece.



HOPE Was the first piece in the Simple Truths Series.
This series will deal with many human, emotional and spiritual elements I believe we all share.
I will also be continuing the Circle Series under a new title Goodnight Moon series. As the title may suggests it will be abstract expression visions of the moon and or sun in a variety of colors,sizes and positions. The first of this 2014 series is:

New Moon.
I’m also going to be working on a new Coral Series II which I hope to make even more bold and dynamic than the previous collection. Underwater Love is probably the best example of what the new Coral Series will look like.

I also have planned a number of Figure pieces here’s a little reminder


    And of coarse I’ll simply paint for the sake of painting, it’s in my heart, mind, body and soul.







    Now that I’ve overloaded your optic nerve I’m going to go start cutting some panels. Also I’ll Ben running down town to put name tags up for the secret Crema show. Remember I do commissioned work and offer limited edition signed prints. Please never let money stand in the way of a piece of art that you may want, I consider trades, gift cards, heck pay my phone bill and we could have deal. Really the point being is Art is for the people, all people not just the rich. I’m just a man a human like any other, my gift is no more precious than what you have to offer the world. That being said, Be Bold, Be Brave and Thrive in the life you have.

    A work in progress

Sending “HOPE”

**28″ x 40″ Framed
Mixed media
Acrylic,water colors and varnish.
She was actually sold before she was finished as often happens with many of the pieces you see on the site. In each of my pieces of this style I like to include some close ups of key areas that I find enjoyable to get lost in, I’ve also included some of the frame as well.






** I have decided that once my upcoming move is complete that I will be doing a series based on simple truths, Hope being the first Love, Courage, Strength and Honor to follow. There will also be words or verbal components to accompany these pieces as well. Since these simple truths as I’ve mentioned I feel come in many forms I may produce multiple images under one title, Courage
#1,2,3 ect… But that still remains to be seen.
Thank you deeply for letting me share HOPE with you. It’s been an honor and pleasure.