Sunday 12-16-18

Silent tears…

I’ve loved you for a thousand years, maybe more.
Your light guides this heart of darkness
To a brighter place.
Your touch soothes the skin I can no longer feel.
Your voice made by angels sings
A lullaby that calms the demons
In my soul
And for that I am thankful.



In the Dark



So I think I might have figured out part of the reason I’m in such a funk. It’s May I hate May, my Grandmother Ruth passed in May and my Dad died in May. I have out up this mental shield of denial since dad passed in 2007 the day before my birthday about it but every year since I get wicked depressed and withdrawn in May and it always takes me a while to figure it out.
So happy ef’n May 😛

Much love

A time of reflection

How do we counts the days
By numbers and names and things that’s remain the same or do we mark their passing by places and faces.
Of slow dance and romance or by fist fights and late nights
Little rises and pink noses that litter the halls of the past
Pictures framed so we can remember the names of all that have come and gone.
How odd this life as we stumble through picking up the pieces like paper and glue to patch places and things we think we need only to always have it all change.
Words and woes, paintings and prose
Memories…. Fading……like a candle short on its wick.
** the holidays make me very reflective as I imagine they do for many be it from new born babes or those lost to caves, the passing of friends and those we love, or miss.
Regardless of faith, color or creed. I hope this time of change and reflection gives birth to a spark of hope, love and kindness. Be the change, be the kindness, be that hope and wonder in a child’s eye.