I have always cared to deeply.

Into the heart of the matter does a man not begin to see things clearly after years of experience and silent hell spent yearning for things lost to the uncureable and fortunes failure.?

Give him not the grace of wisdom by failing to prove faithful and loyal of heart and mind, then truly demons mist walk among us in the shape of Eve and Angels lost of hope and heart, broken and cursed forevermore. Wings of gossomur silk traded for whispers of a ghost, lost in the darkness. 

Again surrounded by confusion and panic. Living in a roller coasters heart has taken its toll… I’ve grown to tired to fight anymore, the soul of Hope has been bled nearly dry by harlotts and harpies. Grown so tired of endless giving, endless judgement and critics galor. All for a place to rest this weary and weathered soul, a cursed night and endless wonderer now numb and tired from the rain and cold of this life. Shivers uncontrolled now echo these bones of truths giving pardon only to fires in my soul as I drift away…

The End… A freewrite by.me

Benjamin M Prewitt 2017 December 31st #myshakylife 

Quick studio update 5/18

I’ve been having kind if a tough day around the house today 99% of which I’ll share another day or who knows in the journey or maybe sporadically in my writing, one thing I did manage to do is clean my studio:

Your probably thinking omg if that’s clean etc… Well trust me it’s clean(er)
I’d did however begin to map out some details in the “Green Girl” which I will share before my life sucks me away again.

Sorry about the glare in the upper left one of the studio lights is out 😦
Before I go I just wanted to say how much each and every one of you means to me personally. Like the song playing may indicate its been a rough year for me and my family. Probably in my 42 one of the worst personally I’ve ever had. I started this blog in July with zero previous blog or online presence or experience, friends,followers or whatever you want to call us. But so many of you have embraced me as a friend a man an artist and poet. Not as that guy who used to be a business man that got PD an lost his life. Through this community I’ve been able to realize that I have value above and beyond the titles that corp America gave me and that I can be appreciated for the man,artist,poet and father that I am at my chore. So with that I’ll let my tornado pick me up and do what it will.

Until next time.
All my love and thanks
Benjamin M. Prewitt