Good morning my love


**previously publish poem**
As the sky opened up and invited out my heart for one last dance, we played in the moonlight, talked like lovers and bathed beneath the stars.
For tomorrow my love I start a new quest for I have found my armor.
Into the deepest hole I fell with demons and dragons, angels with no wings to carry me home.
Their I lay for a thousand-thousand day and night till I saw hope.
One piece at a time I found them, hope and heart, passion and love. Honor and pride and the will to fight again.
For I have polished my armor and sharpened my sword, Demons beware for the white knight has returned. With sliver tongue and oceans for eyes, the blacks of souls to lead you from the night. Take my hand my love if you dare.
Our journey awaits.
** it’s pre dawn here at home and as usual I’m up, have been for hours actually. I’m sitting outside listening to the bats court each other as I drink my coffee. My mind never stops so a I looked around I saw the moon far off in the distance and within the frame of my eye saw this one light on which of course took my mind to a place of want, dreams waiting for a lost love to come home, yeah I know I’m strange.
The above poem reminds me of struggle and over coming obstacles.
Have a beautiful day.

Things to remember

I try to stay away from politically charged anything as I feel that all humans have the right of free will,speech and expression. In the USA
This weekend holds Memorial Day in its heart I would like to also take one moment of silence for ALL people world wide who have lost life and loved ones to war.

An Old Soldier’s Prayer

I have fought when others feared to serve.
I have gone where others failed to go.
I’ve lost friends in war and strife,
Who valued Duty more than love of life.

I have shared the comradeship of pain.
I have searched the lands for men that we have lost.
I have sons who served this land of liberty,
Who would fight to see that other stricken lands are free.

I have seen the weak forsake humanity.
I have heard the traitors praise our enemy.
I’ve seen challenged men become even bolder,
I’ve seen the Duty, Honor, Sacrifice of the Soldier.

Now I understand the meaning of our lives,
The loss of comrades not so very long ago.
So to you who have answered duties siren call,
May God bless you my son, may God bless you all.

Lewis Millett
Certainly loss from war is not an American thing far from it was we are the youngest of the countries. My heart and prayers go out to all the families to those who have lost loved ones to the horrors of war and conflict, we humans seem to be very good at killing each-other. We are also good at forgiveness, compassion, hope and love. So on this day I take my personal moment and I share it with you.
Thank you for your service.