Sunday 12-16-18

Lets take a vote shall we?

Hi so its been a pretty silent day around the studio, matter of fact its been a zero day around the studio I think I poured my whole brain into that second post of the day and had nothing left to give. But I do need some feedback should any of you fabulous people who stop on by feel like clicking the mouse a couple extra times, I know its pretty tough doing that whole point AND click thing but how about we give it a try. Please if you would vote on what older piece you would like to see brought back from the grave. kay? okay?










Excellent this should be interesting I’ve never done this poll thing before almost 1200 posts you would think this would be second nature by now.

Well Much love and Happy Voting.




Ravens Song


What harbingers of rain and pain these ravens be

their discourse harkens my heart of darkness

as  I fear the words they bring, sing, song

All wrong is the tone to these deaf ears

mirrors bring only the sight of fright

Night has come to this hollow home

Rome these hall in the morning

hour searching for strength in the darkness

crying to the wolves for comfort and solace


For what depth does the day bring if only to be soured by the sight of pain.

Does it give no rest to the weary traveler, offer no safe haven for this heavy heart

Walking these days of change alone with child in hand burdened by these bones

Medicated sleep finds me for a brief love affair each day as the clock grows long

And shadows of tomorrows future grip tight these gliding hands and fear reigns supreme.

Hold tight to these lovers hands as they are graced with years of skill and a mind as old as time.

I would give it all if only to be heard by one bird on this night of the Ravens song.









“Flat Line”

16″ x 24″

In private collection

As the dawns light begins to fill the space of darkness

can you say you tried?

can you say you would have died for our love

or did our love just die.

Simply,quickly,limp, lifeless void of heart.

the roses thorns cut deep into the hearts of many

as their young lovers hearts burst with passion

remiss, such kisses go long forgotten

under the weight of life and change, burden and blame.

touch my face gently as you leave, stain my heart

with the tears of the love long gone.

hold me as I cry the night away,… wondering,

A life left wondering………….why………





Mid~Day thoughts & Things


As this frame shakes and quakes
Under the strain of its own making
I search the sky, I search your eyes.

For some glimmer of what was lost may be found.
Alas, tis not for the making or breaking of this man to decide.
The colors fade from my dreams
As the demons creep in
Stealing piece of my soul
I’ve left behind for all to find
Bread crumbs for the birds
Ravens and crows to pick my bones clean.
I worry……
and wait for these things to pass
Like the remaining days of this
Pain drips from every pore
Like the tears of a child left
For to long, calling to nothing
Won’t you please…… Ease this pain in my brain in the rain…..
Gone, lost and left…