Pills,Pain and Paint

3:30am pst I wake in startle, my arm clenched in dystonic cramps, right 7-8th ribs still fractured and caught up in the dystonia. All I can think of is where’s my pills.? Next to me of course, my little lit pill caddie tis a lovely thing for emergency pill finding in the dark. As I reach for my cane and hoist myself off the couch I realize I hurt everywhere, hmmmm this isn’t good as I make my way to the kitchen to get more pills not of the PD variety but of the pain kind. It’s Saturday morning here early and the house is asleep I’m protesting making coffee because if I do make coffee the I’m officially “up” where as I can pretend as I type this out from the sofa that I might actually go back to bed.

“Too Many Pills”
This painting always makes me giggle a bit, as anyone who suffers from anything chronic you too can relate. Today I have high hopes for being left alone to my own devices here in the studio. M-F I play chauffeur which is not only horribly time consuming but really painful. Sitting for any extended period of time is no good.nat least when I’m painting I can get up and stretch walk around do a little happy dance 😉

You know when a song hits all the right cords perfectly in-tune with your soul? That U2 song does that for me. Any how, I’m up in the studio now wandering around trying to decide what to start on Tree or Love. Maybe I’ll keep defining Symbiotic. I’m certainly in the mood for paint and words this morning though. My studio is a place of healing for me. When I’m here all my pain melts away it’s just me and my thoughts.

Well it’s time for me to put my phone down and make some choices on the day. I’ll be posting on and off most off the day since I’ll only be running one errand today which is the frame store.
I truly hope you have a great day and wish you the greatest of success in all that you do.

Much love


I need a fog horn

“To Many Pills”

I’m pretty sure the entire roman army needs to come to my door each night and remind me to take my damn PM pills. So 7:30 I fill my pill case with my pm tabs( very important does) I go back out to my sleeping couch and well, you get the point of this post, somehow I managed to forget my pills, I took pain pill at 9p no wonder I needed a pain pill I didn’t take my 8p pills grrrr!! 2nd time in 5 days.

Ok well good morning, I hope the world is kind to all of you. Be good to yourselves today. Much love.


The mornings night, poetish ramblings at dawn

As the day descends upon me I’m left with reflections of things gone by.
A lovers mint on another’s pillow
A kiss in the night to call you awake
Goes unnoticed for your name can’t be spoken to those with ears
All this by the hand of a poetish painter.
Searching for lost souls in the night
Like a town crier calls for those to here his plight
Soft electric light guides his fingers
Through these pages like a book in space for all to read, one page, one day, one thought at a time.
Tenderness has gone, forgotten the touch, only the trace of what once was lingers hard on the tongue like a bitter sweet pill left un-swallowed.
Body jerk and qwerks it’s way through the day, hands covered in paint like a lovers embrace.
An old friend, this paint and prose of mine gives solace in the mornings night. As these aches and quakes consume the senses. Each push causes pause for the next letters unknown until it spills from the mind
Like an oceans last dyeing wave reaches the shore its task complete.
So do my words as they splash this soft screen of man made parchment
No practice not wordy just words of my mind and heart unadorned bare and cold like a child in the night.
Searching…..always searching……