Walk about…words,pictures and paint.

Over the passed month I’ve been so busy doing these small events locally that spending time painting for my own creative desires and needs honestly hadn’t been happening. I’ve worked on a few small pieces and done some commission work but true painting from the soul….. I miss it..

Sans the painting I’ve been doing okay.. Trying to rebuild my relationship with my son after the separation from my ex and trying to find myself amongst the rubble I left in my wake.. I have to admit after I came bak from the UK last year I basically freaked.. 17 years of my life, my children and the world as I knew it gone…… So here we are a new year dawning just around the corner, me in a new life, new place and new people. Sorry for the digression it’s early here and I’m squirreling in a sea of med head being rather reflective. The point being of this post photos… Yes despite all these silly words pictures will arrive shortly. I’ve been reducing my pain pills and have started walking lots, painfully at times but with my balance fading and my memory changing I figure everything I can do to keep this fucking Parkinson’s at bay I should probably do. No on to the walk about. All of these photos were taken on with my phone and edited with either Instagram or a simple photo edit app.

“Waterfront” An evening walk 21/12/14

“Night walk” Look up

“At the Park”

** This last pic was on a walk at a little pull out. It has no title or purpose other than to make me happy.
Now time for some written words:

The dawn comes so quickly
When I’m with you.
There are times when I know
Not whether we chase the night
Or run from the sun
Your thoughts made real
By the strength of my
Grip. My desires made
Real by all of you.
There is not moment in time
That my thoughts don’t rest
To the taste I mouth or
The beat of your tender heart
Next to mine.
For it is not the ropes that
Restrain us but the ties that
bind us.


As always thank you for your time, encouragement, patients and understanding as I share this journey.
Please remember to always Be Brave, Be Bold and Thrive in the life you have. Oh and smile it’s good for you šŸ˜‰

“A life in progress”


More photos of the world I see.

Over the course of the last few years I’ve finally learned how to take photos. All to the magic of the iPhone, Instagram and apparently I’ve an eye of this kind of stuff. I’ve had the pleasure of traveling the world this year a gift of experiences I’ll be forever thankful for. I’d like to say it was a good year and in a way it was. I learned a great deal about myself my likes and dislikes at a very deep personal level. But I digress I’ll save the juicy bits and goals for 2015 for my end of the year post. So on with the photos shall we? Many of you who follow me on twitter or FB may have seen some of these, but most o you probably haven’t seen the collection in one spot for some time.

So off we go on a walk through my life and the world as I see it.
The Guardian
*iphone,insta modified original photo.

A tangled web we weave
*iphone,insta modified original photo.

Harmful if swallowed
*Iphone,insta modified original photo.

The colours you bring
*Iphone,insta modified original photo

Glorious Gold~ An evening walk
*Iphone,insta modified original photo

Hearts on Fire
*Iphone,insta modified original photo
Well my friends I’ve reached a point that if I don’t press “post” this thing will never ever see the light of day. I hope wherever you are and whatever your doing that love an light fill all your days and night. Please remember to always Be Brave, Be Bold an Thrive in the life you have.

Happy Holidays
“A life in progress”

Things I see…… And how I see them…” Morning walks”

Hi there…. It’s nice to see you again.. So care to join me for my morning walk.? These days living in a downtown environment I find it important to get out of the house and walk. During these journeys I try a capture the world truly through my eyes. As an abstract artist I find that it’s key to draw inspiration and motivation from every source available, Mother Nature being my number one inspiration. So please again won’t you join me on today’s walk about.

One Path~Two Choices
*manipulated photo

There be Dragons

Oh the things you’ll see #1

Oh the things you’ll see #2
All the photos are originals taken on an iPhone and the tweaked in a way that I hope reflects to you the way I see the world. Or to say the world through my eyes.
Today has been a strange day, a few to many ups and downs for my taste but today I have to take credit for that :-/ I’m not the most easy person to he along with….. And now some words

To what end do we express to
Desires and madness of this human life.
Such feelings deep and dark or bright as sun does shine.
For what grows and beats only in the shade of the day and breeze that fills the mind.
Subtle longing sneak behind words paint and prose as the day grows longer.
Busy hands find idle tasks to keep
The days demons at bay.
Butterflies collected along way give
Fill to the heart, body mind and soul
Yet a wolf will always search for home just as a raven will spread it’s wings.
I sit and stare at these blank walls, canvases of my heart and mind.
My souls escape, giving hope to the day, night and tomorrow’s dawn.
Purging little pieces along the path like bread crumbs to the trail of my minds eye.
Such solace gains ground as this body slowly fades for only in action can the peace I seek be found.
Hard it be, the part where the time moves so slow and worse is the day when the clock hands spin freely.
Drink, drink from heart and you’ll taste the want that feeds my soul.
And last but not least. A thought a single solitary thought… To be held…..

Please remember to be brave, be bold and thrive in the life you have, make the life you want and regret only the the things you haven’t done or where to afraid to do…. Love….. Love hard, love fast and fully. Fill your life with passion for in the end we all die alone.

“A life in progress”

**sneak peak Holding back the Darkness **first paint stage


2 days and counting

Good morning, afternoon and evening. I think I missed a day. How have you been? I havent missed a day since I don’t know when. Things have been shall we say out of control to say the least. We have two days until the movers come and I must admit I’m in a bit of a state of shock, we’ve gone from talking about this supposed property that we might come into, to having the deal fall through a couple of times. Me demanding for people not to talk about it around me because I’m a huge dreamer and if you give me the chance to dream I will and I’ll dream huge. To now.. Two days and the Main house will be 100% remodeled new paint,floors through out, trim and appliances come today so I’ll be at the Farm house most of the day simply hanging out.
During the course of this adventure I’ve managed to break two ribs, work myself to exhaustion more time than I care to admit and had some huge fights.I also somehow managed to win my category in the “Something Red” juried show, again a thing I totally don’t get. Last year I didn’t even get an honorable mention and this year I win? Dont get me wrong I’m not complaining, just shocked. And now here I sit not having panted in almost a month and its making me crazy. But I guess that’s what change does right? We’ve talked about it before, rebirth is never easy especially when it’s basically your entire life.Thanks for sticking with me, an Art blog with out art must be kind of boring especially since I’ve been forced to torture you guys with my words šŸ˜‰ That being said lets take a look and see if we can stare at some paint for a moment. Maybe something old that we havent seen for a while.



Inspired by yes Paul Jackson Pollock, this piece was doneĀ on paper using inks, oils, acrylics, gouacheĀ and anything else I could get my hands on. I was only 17 years old at the time but still this is one of my favorite pieces I’ve ever done, at least in this style. Funny thing is I’m not a huge fan of using this style. Most of my fascination with Pollock comes from the person he was and his views on art and paint itself.

Picasso, Miro and DaliĀ being some of the other painters that have inspired me over the years, again not so much because of their paintings but because of who they were as humans and their unique view on art and paint. But I must admit im kind of fan boy when it comes to Picasso and I could and have spent hours staring at Dali work. One of the quotes Picasso is known for saying that I really appreciate is “Good painters copy, “great painters steal” and maybe its Artist instead of painters but I’m not to worried as I’m stealing his quote anyhow. šŸ˜‰ For I to believe it’s not about being able to copy another work as it is the ability to embody the essence of the artist and make it your own. Therefore “stealing” and not copying.
“woman at the beach”**Also one of the only neutral color tone pieces I’ve done.

Pi~Guy and the Cowboy

Pi~Guy and the Cowboy

“Pi-Guy and the Cowboy”This piece tells a story of a symbiotic relationship based on mutual need and self-preservation.
again it’s not about copying the artist, as just about anyone can produce a painting like this, in fact many artist have copied Picasso. But not many can embody the master and make his style their own.

Wow so I just realized I’ve been rambling Sorry, I miss my studio and I miss talking about art. OKay just to finish the ramble on art lets look just briefly at a couple more pieces and then I promise I’ll wrap it up.
A Miro inspired commission piece now living in the Mid-West.

Big Sky

Big Sky

And a Dali inspired piece, staying in my private collection.

Any how thanks for letting me sit and chat for a bit. I’ll be out at the Farm house waiting for appliances to show up and possibly working on getting the studio set up. I’ve been lettingĀ the construction guys use the space as a prep area for the rest of the house but after appliances come there isn’t really a direct need for people to come bouncing through my space. Okay its time for me to start my day. Something very rare happened last night….I slept,!!! yes really the wholeĀ night. Well from 10p-3aĀ and for me that’s a lot of continuous sleep. I hope you have a great day and that the world treats you kindly and you it.
Much Love and Light

Things I saw and how I see them 12/5

I have to admit I’m not sure what to do without my studio. For the past 3 years I’ve done pretty much nothing but paint. With all the stress of the holidays mixed with the pressure of moving , I feel like I’ve just run 200 miles. I’ve been spending some of the 20-21 hours a day I’m awake to do some writing and today I was able to take a few more photos. Please join me as we look at another addition of Te things I’ve seen.

After Hours





Still though one of my favorite love sayings is from
E.E. Cummings
Though love be a day and life be nothing, I shall not stop kissing
Which I think at some point in the near future I shall have tattooed on my body.
I miss painting for you, for me… I miss sharing my heart and soul with those whom I’ve come to know and love, respect and cherish over this past 1.5 years. 8 days and counting till the movers come and take on the burden of moving the heavy stuff. The hardwoods are in at the farm house and the carpets were being laid when I stopped by this morning soon the dream of my new home and private studio will be a reality. Another thing I can’t wait to share. Until we meet again. Be brave be bold and thrive in the life you have.

A work in progress.