I remember you……

I used to sit… Listen to Miles for hours..
Long nights of turpentine and Irish whiskey.
Two tone shoes and filter less cigarettes.
Seems like theses days…. Yeah those days
Back before we were old. Before time made
Me tired…impatient and pissed off….
Seems like those days are not so far gone.


***Does your heart bleed for me


there is a bitter cold that fills this house once again
despite the efforts of a warm heart and steady hand
best intentions laid to waste for the sake of a journey’s end

I’m greeted this fine day at dawns creeping
by my symphony of frogs and crickets
only they sing a song my heart truly hears

who will capture this painter of words and whim
and why? Why not just set him free…me…
or just throw me back to the wolves
whence I came.

a burning fire of hearts desire
fuels these borrowed bones
of shakes and quakes and little yellow
pills, give motion to the stone face of death.

Of lions breast and raven crest
with flaxen hair that shows some
wear from the ages that have been unkind


Greet each day with the joy of a child and the wisdom of an elder for with a child’s heart you may play

and with wisdom you may just still learn from it.





Who is that fine Irish lad??


I just got some photos from my step mom. Sigh my daddy from so long ago, note the painting behind him, that’s one of his!! Yay.

Me, with stuff on my face, Sheesh somebody wipe that boys chin. 🙂
And the we tiny one holding me captive would be David the youngest of the boys. See I used to smile.. I’ve never seen these pics. I’ve shared so much of my life with this WP community many of you I consider dear friends. So again today thanks for being part of my journey.

iuvenes amore*original post oct,27,2012

As the sun rose I’m left with traces of you
Glimmers of my past, a sweet taste of love long since changed by time.
My heart takes me to that place where we used to meet, thorns not thickets and petals soft as silk.
We were just children then
I remember the taste of your cherry gloss kisses
And my boyish smile , so brave so bold.
Nights of house and let’s pretend
So many what ifs
Now all grown with family’s of our own
Time has changed it all, except one small place in my heart where the roses always grow.


Small words

Ode to the past
On the longest night and shortest day
all the things I’d like to say
Of things gone by, hope and dreams
And all the things I haven’t seen
To live like children,
Full of hope and wonder.
Languid sky and winters thunder.
Sunset beaches and icy peaks.
Rolling rapids and secret sneaks
Tennis shoes and bowler hats
Bubble gum and baseball bats
First tattoos and masquerades
Spin the bottle and play charades
The brightest stars on moon lit nights
Party girls and stupid fights
Oh how I miss being young