Morning muse

There you are so far away now yet still my soul feels your heart beating. I feel the tears rolling down your cheeks. The silent sobs in the shower.

All so farway yet pounding in my heart, mind and soul. Why did leave so swiftly in the night? Such butterfly kisses wound deeply now. Each breath burns and chokes as your tears fall through time from your heart to mine. Forevermore to scar my heart.

Morning muse.



Because writers write, painters paint and lovers love until the bitter end.

With such gentle touch does this flower open for a taste…
Soft silken petals wet from the morning mist….
Like waking from a warm dream
Embraced and cared for held safe and sound against a beating heat.
Such a feeling comes only from those who truly love us like the morning rain loves the sun or the leaves love the breeze. Oh to be touched deep within the heart without the fear of distrust or jealously.
Such lessons are the hardest after the mirror of innocence is broken. I search deep in my heart and soul to find the strength and love required to quiet these demon so I may stay to watch your flower grow… And bathe in its radiance and warmth forevermore.
B. 2016
I will not go quietly into the night,I will put up one hell of a fight.”

Checking in

Hi, thanks for stopping in. It’s been a few since I’ve posted so I figured it was time. My PD has been tricky these last few weeks. Random bouts of fatigue coupled with the stresses of everyday life. My tremors … Continue reading

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“Life three hours at a time.”
Parkinson’s is a funny disorder, since there’s no cure and the meds come with a cool disclaimer. “May control or ease the symptoms of PD” people often don’t  understand how the disorder effects PWP. I hear from people “You look great ” or that I seem to be doing well. Well often when you see me out I do feel pretty good, at that moment I do feel good. Sadly PD changes all day everyday going from fatigue to stiffness to central pain then back to tremors. I have to say as an overall experience Parkinson’s is a trip.
It’s like watching the tide come in an wash away the sandcastle one spent a lifetime building. Well it’s time to sign off for the night. It’s a Halloween weekend and there’s much to be done.
As always,
“Be brave, Be bold and thrive in the life you have.”

“A life in progress”


Hi~Have we met before?

I was asked to put together a short bio for a Parkinson’s blog here’s what I’ve come up with so far…kinda…

Benjamin M Prewitt
Diagnosed with PD 11/7/10 aT 40 years old.

Hi there. Thanks for stopping in it’s great to see you. I’m here to tell you story about how I’ve overcome the obstacles that Parkinson’s disease presents daily. It’s a tale of loss and love, a story of strength and commitment in the face of what simply is a “incurable progressive neurological disorder .” Let that reality sink in for a second before you continue,please.

See Parkinson’s disease is different for everyone. I presented with “central pain” stiffness and rigidity while others get the shakes, or tremors. Over the last four years of having active PD. I’ve found that if I exercise on a regular basis and eat a proper diet that it is possible to greatly improve the quality of my life and of those around me. One of the greatest gifts I can give to myself and those who are on this journey with me is to embrace life. To not let Parkinson’s disease define me but to let it be the fuel that helps me power through each day with the hope and dream that someday we will find a cure for PD and all disease that robs us of our ability to live life to the fullest. Parkinson’s disease cost me everything, my career, my family and home but it gave me the passion and insight to live the life I was meant to and to be strong enough to send this message. “Be brave,Be bold and thrive in the life you have.” My Power through commitment goes out to my son and to my Katelyn. I may have Parkinson’s disease but it doesn’t have me.

Again thanks for reading, commenting, liking and just being the fabulous you I know you are.
Much love and light.
“A life in progress”
Post in responds to the Power through Parkinson’s blog soon to be syndicated and published through the BGF Foundation.