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Sneek peek of works in progress and lots more to come



Frustrated with life and myself. Agnosia. I had to look it up but it explains a great deal of whats going on with my perception of things and it helps me come to terms with some of my choices over the last 5-6 years. My life prior to PD and Cancer was calm. I went to work i played with kids and talked with my wife. Family dinners, shopping adventures. It was a great life except it wasn’t all me. The kids, the love and life was real but i sacrificed my own selfworth and lost myself Benjamin Micheal Prewitt in the process. Since “everything” went south I’ve been learning or trying to learn as much as possible about myself and who I really am and what i want to be with the last of my life

Heres a piece that needs one more coat…? Or does it? The story of my life always wanting to push things to the next level when in reality…. Maybe, just maybe everything is fine and im overly sensitive. Or maybe i just have have higher standards than the masses. Idk im just grumpy people disappoint me. I disappoint me.


For the love of eachday

On such a scarlette letter she wrote truth upon his heart. Be a demon or not his heart wept of this anguish, his past.

Torn between a future of empty light or darknest night. He cried with Angels and danced with the devils in his mind. Never to find to solice again.

These Ravens she holds so well, perfect little dolls giving sense to her world as it spins. Such joys this world sings….

Sings eachday the glory and breath and life. This heart loves, feels, reaches for the stars in her eyes eachday forever searching for a way back to heavens gates….

The end…


“May you see the world beautifully as i see you.”