The Universe, Me and a frog

It has been almost a year since true hell came to my doorway and looked down upon my face. Gave a huge smile and said your mine for the next 5 five years. Cancer fucking sucks. I thought Parkinson’s disease was enough, but man i lost so much muscle and the chemo messed my head and nervous system up so bad.. Seriously there are some things that one can’t quantify truly until you’ve lived through them. I’ve been shown the kindness of strangers and the disengaugement of family. Witnessed good families fall apart and bad ones turn good again. Loved ones passed while friends faded and fluxed. I find these days a friend is only as good as they are on their worst day. That is depth of a friendship I’ve found.

As my carer likes to kid with know that Ive gotten “old” Ha!!! Not even 5o yet 😎🎨🎉 As I’ve found as I’ve matured that wisdom gives me site but Parkison’s has made me emotionally blind or hypersensitve to my desires, paint, music,companionship food, love, sex, ect…. The Agnosia plays a tricky little bugger in the mix because it takes foresite away. So where one person may think jumping in that tank of hungry sharks sounds like a bad idea. My brain is a tad more likely to think…hmmmm. It might be okay or hmmm I’ve never done that before might as well before PD or Cancer finishes me off. But in reality getting eaten by sharks is like my hugest fear ever lol. Sooo yeah. Life with Parkinson’s disease has been a trip. A true test of heart and faith. Always chasing an ever changing disease with drugs that are just as bad as the disease ie; side-effects. Anyhow i hope that love and peace find you in this life time. Do truly cherish those close to you eachday. Be as present in your life as possible and if your living a life you don’t want to live then your not really living your just alive. I myself with my ever shinking circle of mobility and friendships chose to live right here right now. For yesterday is gone and tomorrow is never promsied for death as life often comes unannounced.

All my love Always.


*Completed* Evolution of Sorrow

World I would like you to meet someone very close to me this is MY.
Evolution of Sorrow

12″ x 12″
Mixed media
Inks,water colors,acrylics
In a gallery wrapped birch panel.
Hand glazed and hand varnished.



On this piece I kept the texturing medium thin as I wanted to utilize the natural grain of the wood in certain places. Also the Ink and water colors love to wiggle their way into tiny places its in their nature to do so.
**update on
Underwater Love




This piece is still yet to get its coral texture and it may not depending on what it decides it wants tomorrow. We shall see.
For those of you who follow in twitter you can see the next large piece, sneak peek otherwise tomorrow it’ll post it’s start. It looks pretty cool if I do say lol.
Much love and light, I’m exhausted my one day vacation from my normal domestic life ended yesterday and today’s tasks have me ruined emotionally and physically so until next time.

“Keep moving Forward

Something I was reminded of today by very fear friend is that dad wouldn’t want me to be stuck in my depression.
So for dad, my family and myself I’m going to believe its a beautiful day, count my blessings and “Keep moving Forward” for those who know me I’m a very passionate person, I’m also very focused if I want something I’ll get I’ll figure out a way to make it happen. So I guess I need to get off my ass and make it happen.

It’s going to be a busy day here, between shower,paint,haircut,PT then off to iep meeting at little mans school. No time to sulk.
Much love to all of you and again thanks for the support.
Hugs and great big smiles


“Strange Love”

Good afternoon/evening, I’d like you all to meet “Strange Love” She tells a story of change and fascination with life a passion to thrive in adversity and an undying love for our earth. Her tones of green are serene and loving while her texture is electric and vibrant like the colors of the coral in our shared seas and oceans. She is complex yet simple like love itself, she is topographical like the view from above as she soars to new heights. So world from my heart and soul to yours;
“Strange Love”
24″x 24″
Mixed media
Hand varnished not sprayed
On hand cut and sanded
White birch panel
250.00 usd

*we thank the tree that gave its life so others could have peace,hope and love in theirs.
Below you will find some close up shots:



Thanks for coming by the studio today I’ve also been working on the other piece from the “Process” post the other day and here’s a sneak peek

Much love,

Pm~ Music & Paint

Self portrait

Self portrait
Not for sale

Happy Friday and good evening, it’s officially cocktail hour at the studio and I’m well on my way to cooking a fabulous meal. It’s a gravy style sauce composed of roasted garlic, shallots, bacon, mushrooms,chicken stock and heavy cream, yum, served with baked/braised chicken breast and mashed potatoes. On that note my friends I must excuse myself from the table and continue to cook.
Bon appetite