Morning muse

There you are so far away now yet still my soul feels your heart beating. I feel the tears rolling down your cheeks. The silent sobs in the shower.

All so farway yet pounding in my heart, mind and soul. Why did leave so swiftly in the night? Such butterfly kisses wound deeply now. Each breath burns and chokes as your tears fall through time from your heart to mine. Forevermore to scar my heart.

Morning muse.


Time and things I see.

Things I see and how I see them:
Time’s a funny thing. Then it comes to life we are so often racing towards the next thing. “Off to the bus, just about time for lunch, TGIF”, all these saying are deadline or per say place card or mini milestones in our days. That turn into weeks then months……. And then the years start to flow on by.
Occasionally I like to think I step out of that “go to”, “next step” life. Lately even though my life has felt more busy that ever I have found some small moments in time and life that I’d like to share. This first set of images I intend to turn into a grey scale collection of large abstract paintings.


“Grumpy Smiles”

“From behind”


*The names or titles given these photos may or may not change.

I’ve been working on three commission pieces as of late all of which are at critical places in their development yet the changes to most I’m sure would seem nominal. So sorry about the lack of posts as of late. I mean really I’m not even that excited to write about the 65th layer of glaze or varnish. Anyhow I digress. I’ve been really trying to find some balance in my life lately. I can’t say I’ve been very successful but the adventure has been once in life time. I hope where ever you are when you read this that your well and thriving in the life you have.
***time has elapsed since I started this post so for now I’ll bid you adieu and hope you know you’re loved in this life. It’s time to paint.



“A life in progress”
Ps. More paint coming soon.

Studio catch up..

Good day I hope you’ve been well in my absence. It feels so strange to not be painting and post 2-3 times a day or at least popping in to say hello. The current piece I’m working on is slow going and highly time consuming. It’s birth into this work unlike the abstract a I do comes with great patience as the ideas manifest and meaning behind each stroke takes on a name of its own. There is a deep person relationship between this new My Girl and I for she is helping me show you a level of thought and technique we haven’t thought about since Dalis Baby a piece I’m sure many of you haven’t even seen. My girl will also be holding a depth of concept as Big Sky did in the story it’s character told. Without further adieu I give you the most recent update on

My Girl

Please keep in mind the the coloring is just being blocked out and the shading is in it’s infancy. The the story behind the concept is beginning to take shape. As many of you eluded to her shape is that of a clef or musical note, this is intentional as many muse sing a song that is only heard by it’s intended artist. A song or passion driving his or her work. Acting as a sanctuary of sorts as it does for me at 2a when I can’t sleep, finding myself by her musical side caressed by tones of gentle gift. In this piece thus far there is a beacon so far perceived as a light house that may or may not change but the concept will remain the same. A beacon of hope a light in the darkness a path guiding one home. It has a tree of life emerging from the shadows and a window to the soul. This piece will have many perceptions of misconception as the eye and mind wonder the piece from dark to light and flat to multidimensional. I will not elude much more to the concept of this piece until it’s completion as I’d like the relationship you form with it to be your own. But now it can be said I’ve opened a small window into my heart and mind for you to view this piece as it evolves. I’ve one other piece I’m slowly working on as well. These are the very beginning of School Yard a concept I think most humans who attended any basic education can relate to and any person who’s ever take that wrong turn down a dark alley only to find the most beautiful and hidden expression of the times scrawled in pen and paint across the alleys of our world.


Again both of these pieces have miles to go until their life and concept are fully realized on our earth but given time and patience I hope to do just that.
It is my hope that where ever you are and what ever you may be doing that you know you are loved, that you realize your life has value and the world will not nor could not be the same without you.
As always my friends:
Be Brave Be Bold and Thrive in the Life you have.

“A life in progress”>

Just you,my heart and me.

On this dawns night
The stars call my name
From behind the clouds
Beckon me to sing words
Of lost love and winter coats
Long parades and dragon boats

Tonight the stars sing with
The crickets one by one
As the frog find shelter from
The night. Winter is coming
Winter is coming calls the small
Bird. As I cup her her gentle form
In my heart.

Fear not for the chill or the demons
At bay.
Next to my heart , warm you will stay.
With fireplace and frozen face we
Will weather this storm at sea.
Just you my love, my little bird
Just you my heart and me.