Blue Moon ~ Framed and finished

Just a quick little visit today a I’m getting ready to head out if country again for a short trip. I just got the newest moon piece back from the framers. Please enjoy.

Blue Moon
Mixed media
**commissioned piece**

A very special thanks to the person who ordered this piece, sometimes I think you know me better than I do. Thank you for pushing me to create during a time when I wanted to hide. More so thank you for believing in me.

Much love and light.

Tranquility ~ Work in progress

Today I must let the paint speak for me as the words I have are filled with holes. Another sleepless night found me waiting and wanting for another life, another time, another me.

Today I believe I’ll be doing a great deal of painting and very little talking.
Please enjoy the day as this winter officially is left behind and spring comes to grace us with her joys.

Much love and light.


Painty, paint paint….

Hi, how are you today, doing well I hope. As you may have guessed from my first post today I’m feeling a tad melancholy. I apologize for putting those vibes out into space, really I’m thankful, there are so many that are far worse off than I. So shall we take a look at some paint? Yes.. Okay then let’s do it!!

I took Message in a Bottle to get properly fitted with her frame today. I’m very excited to get it back this Friday so I can hang it in the March show at Crema.
I also took the companion piece Red Dragon ~ Coral series to get framed today as well. Another piece I’m really looking forward to seeing framed.

This show at Crema is going to be an interesting mix of both old and new some older pieces from late 2011-12 and then some newer pieces like the ones above. I did however take a piece that I hold very near and dear to me. Many I think will not “get it” which is perfectly fine with me. The work is titled
So Many Questions” and it’s not just about PD though it is the first piece in the 2012 Parkinson’s collection. For me it’s also a very pure statement of how I think. I question everything, period. I have since I was a child and I hope to for all of my days.

So Many Questions
Parkinson’s Series

I’ll also be showing these older pieces, most of which have only been out of the house once.

The Long Road

Guiding Light

The Unknown
I will also be hanging a number of smaller pieces this time as I don’t like to repeat myself when I show and except for some large pieces, most everything is sold already. A quick look at the little-ones.


The many faces of me


Foot’n mouth
*never before shown in public
And if by some small miracle I’m able to complete the Moon and Me then I’ll show this piece as well.

Sorry for the poor photo quality on that on its still very much in progress so I haven’t taken any quality pics.
Well thanks again for stopping in tomorrow I’ll be dropping off the piece for the Capitol building juried show

I’m so excited to just be a part of the event, who cares if I “win” or place in my mind I’ve already accomplished my goal. The Capital show will hang from 2/28/14 thru 3/7/14.
As always, Be Brave, be Bold and Thrive in the life you have.
Much love and light

Studio update~Blue Moon 2

Just a quick little update on blue moon2 first we started here

Then we took a journey here

Then a quick little hop to the color shop

Then a little minor under layer adjustments


Now this next shot will make you think I’ve lost my mind. Why? Would I do this? We light can not just be… It needs to come from somewhere. It is ethereal but also needs to be grounded so we go here

Now if you remember from the earlier post the end result will be a rippling effect hopefully of a deep rich blue/ green with a glass like quality and a soft tunneling glow of guiding light. In reality these are layers 4,5,6 of what could take 100’s to achieve the before the desired effect starts to come through. Thanks for stopping in today as always it’s wonderful to see you and I truly appreciate you coming by.
I hope the world is kind and generous with you today and you to it.


Blue Moon 2

First I wanted to thank everyone for your kindness on my rough start to the day. Unfortunately PD meds wear off pretty quickly so missing a CR dose is kind I a bad thing. Excuse me I digress. I did managed to get some painting time in today. I’m sure I could have painted much more but I really needed to take it easy.

I had one more pre-made panel left so I decided to get started. I’ve been missing a certain painting ever since I sold it. The original Blue Moon painting was the header of my blog for the first year plus I started here. The photo below will look very similar but will not be the same once it’s completed.


I actually intend to incorporate a number of techniques that I’ve been using for years. I’m going to try to create a silky almost glass like lacquered look with layers of glaze and pigment. By alternating colors I should be able to give an almost solid dark color, say blue/green an inner glow. Possibly like light dancing off the tops of small ripples in a pond smooth as glass. Of coarse it’s one thing to see it in my head and another to get my hands to create it. But usually when I can see a paintings finish so clearly I can make it happen. Tomorrow I’ll be spending the first part of the day in PT then hopefully having lunch with a friend. I also need to find a small low table to go with these chairs which will be delivered this Saturday afternoon. They will be replacing the sofa currently in the studio guest area.
Well, it’s been a delight to have you drop by today as always your amazing, brilliant and an amazing person.