A muse less morning….

Given the lack of stars above..
The fog has stayed for days..
Such darkness cold and loneliness
Lives only in the hearts of men and monsters .
As I search the electric light of the universe for strength
signs of love, peace and tranquility.
A body full of pain and fear
as one paints a pretty face to keep the demons at bay .
Tired of playing games tired of life’s trials they say “what does not kill us makes us stronger”.
My question is then a Sir/Madame
How strong does one need to be? And why ?
Why not kill me where I stand as you’ve done my father and fathers father.
Why slowly crush my life from the inside out?
Such pondering wandering a on this starless morning.
No moon to flirt with no wanten kisses.
To lose thoughts upon…
Just paint and pills, dots and dashes.



“Spanish Moon”

The finished framed piece. I know the frame looks black but is not as you will see below.


Now we all know that I’m not a photographer and the pics I take are on an iPhone so please forgive, the frame is actually a kaleidoscope of colors when approached up close, mirroring the tones and hues of the piece as they bounce around. I’m waiting for it to dry completely until I put its final layer of varnish on it. Once completed the frame alone we have 7 layers of different paint and varnishes and the painting 10x’s that. Enjoy “Waiting on a Spanish Moon”
25.5 x 25.5 framed
Benjamin 2013.

~~my words have found me~~

**Lost and found**
Eyes of almond, be still my heart for your voice
has returned to this world.
How not a day has passed that I craved not your tender
voices echoing these halls, of shaky ghost and broken muses of the past.
Such rich tender words drip from your hand
Linger languid long on my heart
does pitter patter like that of a child in your world.
My first of this plane, o crush of words, of northern chill, and lips stained of wine.
I will stand quiet on afar mount range and speak not your name
but hold you softly above this madness,
oh my first..welcome..

**the art on this post is not mine, pulled from tumblr artist unknown but worthy of note