I have always cared to deeply.

Into the heart of the matter does a man not begin to see things clearly after years of experience and silent hell spent yearning for things lost to the uncureable and fortunes failure.?

Give him not the grace of wisdom by failing to prove faithful and loyal of heart and mind, then truly demons mist walk among us in the shape of Eve and Angels lost of hope and heart, broken and cursed forevermore. Wings of gossomur silk traded for whispers of a ghost, lost in the darkness. 

Again surrounded by confusion and panic. Living in a roller coasters heart has taken its toll… I’ve grown to tired to fight anymore, the soul of Hope has been bled nearly dry by harlotts and harpies. Grown so tired of endless giving, endless judgement and critics galor. All for a place to rest this weary and weathered soul, a cursed night and endless wonderer now numb and tired from the rain and cold of this life. Shivers uncontrolled now echo these bones of truths giving pardon only to fires in my soul as I drift away…

The End… A freewrite by.me

Benjamin M Prewitt 2017 December 31st #myshakylife 


Remember when……..

Slowly as the night cascades down around this
spent worn shell of a man
I’m reminded….

Of the lazy days of summer.
Jumping from the highest rock
Tanned skin
Wind chapped lips
from days at the beach
All night Bon fires.
Waking sandy and smelling of slow burned embers of the night before
Only to bathe in the
summer sun and rinse
in the oceans of my youth.




Often in this blog I have spoken of some if these thoughts or if I have it has been the a sentence or statement. As I often do not talk about the process or meaning behind my paintings. For I want each piece to touch you in they way it touches you not the way you think I want it to touch you. Oneness, many if you know that my childhood was adventurous to put it softly. I learned how to read at a very young age maybe 2. The first time I saw the light was at age 3. You may call it God or Allah which ever word gives you peace and understanding. Being raised by my grandparents and aunts and uncles from a young age I learned to occupy myself pretty well, some would say to well. At the age if four or five I’m not sure, time and I have always had a strange relationship. I learned about the minds eye and as my 60ish GP’s were not exactly ideal play mates loving yes but playmates no. I practiced oneness with everything I learned sight. The ability to see people and things for what they are at their core. First I started with grass and trees and bugs the things you’d except a guy of 4/5 to play with. Id travel to the core vibration of this essences an sit and feel and enjoy there company. I tried this with everything wood, doors, walls, tires it pretty funny actually if you can picture this 4,5,6,7,8 year old going around mind melding with everything. There is much I have skipped over for many reasons one the abuse and neglect, the wandering in the desert the shaman ect another day another thought. At eight I started to take Aikido and since most dojo don’t want to teach youngsters how to kill people they taught me the art if war. The spirituality of the universe and the flow of energy. Ah energy this I understood for I had spent years studying energy, I already new the grass and the wind, the earth and stars. Now I would learn the human and how to read its bio electrical signals the art of oneness within movement and the art of consumption how do we become one within a person and keep them from harming yourself and others? Thus the White Knight was born. Ok life on this rock is calling time to go do PT-OT.
Thanks for letting me talk about something I literally NEVER talk about.
Much love and light to all..


Their be Demons

My mind races faces places
Who is that in the mirror
dear find my face
Replace this man that i see me rushed and hushed
Pushed pulled pried and peeled
Field,lovers,lost,listen scream
do you hear what I mean
stream flow go slow
peace..release..pause, claws at my mind unwind relax attacks
panic shower flower bloom consume the day dismay stay away
the earth spins to fast
at last a ride home
comb toothbrush and rest best flow to those who know
gone spawn dreams as it seems lost child of mine me
did you see what I see stars a far calm….. Done…. Gone fishing….. Go home….. Good bye…. Flyaway…bye bye….shy,why,me….at sea….let it be,let it be.. Whisper words of wisdom. Let it be…..