A day spent my way

~A day spent my way~There was a time when I could feel my feet

That place a space where they and the earth did meet

Now these days the hands do shake

Like the earth of old lands did quake

I try to smile and laugh each day

While slowly all my feeling fades away

No sense of smell or pleasure from touch

Can’t even figure out what to have for lunch

Paint gives me peace a sort of release

Till two flights and a landing layover

Keep me at bay

Face slips and slides as my smile fades

A mask of me and things I see

Reflections on a pool of glass 

Cracked, frozen, waiting as I always have.

(Re-write) 2014-2015



My heart is heavy from the day.
These burdens of life and love
weight heavy upon my head and heart.
tired thoughts, tired heart, body and soul.
This constant battle between whats come and gone,
the reality shift that makes everything
seem like a dream….
Where did I get so lost.
How have I become the monster I feared
as a child?
Now with no memories of the pasted and a
future that has no certainty I fear I’ve lost
my way completely.

“A life in progress”

sneak peak work in progress… 


All of my days~

I’ve loved you since before the hands of time found their way to the light of day.
I met you once….on a desert vast were the earth was hard and made of clay.

I’ve loved you since I was a small child with shy eyes and a silly grin never knowing just where to begin.

I’ve seen your soul on the palm of my hand where the lines cross but never meet.
I’ve loved you since the age of sages and Sanskrit.

You with your bows and pretty laces.
Our eyes met on a fleeting train, in the rain in Spain or was it Paris I forget but I never forgot.
I’ve held you in my soul waiting for the lines on my hands to meet.
I’ve loved you for all of my days.





Tranquility ~ Work in progress

Today I must let the paint speak for me as the words I have are filled with holes. Another sleepless night found me waiting and wanting for another life, another time, another me.

Today I believe I’ll be doing a great deal of painting and very little talking.
Please enjoy the day as this winter officially is left behind and spring comes to grace us with her joys.

Much love and light.


I wonder why?

The dawn came calling in the dark of the night
The world still slumbering as I rose to meet you,
But you’d gone.
Left behind the taste of disagreement and scorn.
What words of man fill these pages of black and white.
Dribbles of thought and human emotion cast into a sea of darkness.
One by one they get picked apart, ingested and set free.
Like pigeons on the rooftops we hope they’ll find their way home.

Such a silent dawn it is, so many caught up with the winds
and rain. Letters lost, time out of focus as I struggle to remember the days
Name then wonder why it’s important to begin with, such a paradox this life can be. Waiting for the chems to kick-in a train sounds in the distance carried by a cool breeze, a sound heard by only those lucky or misfortunate to be awake. So many visions crammed into one skull I often wonder why, why me? Why this darkness that haunts the corners of my mind. Oh to be held in the gentle arms of an angel to rest my head and heart for just one more day.

I can hear the city start to wake. The broken and fearful the hungry and lost souls of day scattering their desires on the soundscape. One more day, one more paycheck, one more cheeseburger and then it’s done. Chasing a lucid daydream till the body becomes old and frail. Running from death, born with the awareness we are alive. Is it a gift or a curse and does the fish I ate. Know it’s name, does he go to fishy heaven or miss his frye? I wonder the point of all these things as these words fall from the sky, catching one at a time and finding a place for them to live in this world.
I wonder. I always have,… I wonder why..