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Sneek peek of works in progress and lots more to come


Dark days and dragons be here..(words)

What devils lay in the heart of men
That can cause pause to the greatest
Passions on earth.
What poison has been brought forth
To our world that causes the endless bloodshed of our children.
Dogs eating dogs in the street while mothers and fathers weep for their losses.
Oh why have we come to this loathsome place upon such a hollow.
Empty and void of trust and love. Consumed by fear this two legged beast has become.
Such is plight of man, wrought with contempt for the needs of many as our masters get fat feeding lies to the masses.
Dark days and dragons be here.. Dark days….

** photo pulled from tumblr
Michael Archangel

Evening words…15102013


On these hands given gift of words
A tongue of silver and heart the black as night
For given the right I choose
To search for angels song

On this heart given gift of paint
Such palette does create with
No crimson hue to be seen as true
Nor green can be seen
By these these eyes given gift of god
For these hands are forsaken
So quickly are shaken
Does the mind and heart surely follow

Oh hollow heart, heavens gate tremble
Upon one knee given choice or voice
And right of man, can one ever truly be free.
The curse of being me…..



Oh how I hate waiting for things to dry… But with a tiny bit of energy left for the day and a house full of people I managed to work on a couple of random things.
Some of you may remember this piece, it was the prequel to “Bamboo” (balance and humility)

And this poor piece which has been this strange transitory piece that has worn many hats since its wrapper came off.

This piece received some varnish, blues, yellows and oranges today we shall see if it stays like this or if I’ll just paint over the whole thing again and start fresh.

2:54 AM PST

My moon is bright tonight but I feel my words have run thin as the the dawn approaches. Would such a thing not have been created but to be held by the hand of Angels.


My the day embrace all that you are, all that you have been and all that you will be.
Always and forever.