Happy birthday my son

The best part of my life was spent with you. Happy birthday to my one and only boy. I love you and miss you.


Somewhere, somehow we met the world come between us. Please know I’m here, I love you and when you’re ready I am too.

Letters to my son….2 of many.

There will come time when all of this will make sense, a time when the hurt of the change will be just painful blur of your past. You need to know one thing son….. I’m sorry. I’m sorry that things turned out the way they did wiTh your mom and I.
Things got out of control. It for me was a whirl wind in slow motion. To this day I still don’t know how all this happened to our family. As time goes by in your life I hope you have fun, fall in love, travel, watch sunsets and climb mountains of all kinds. But most of all know that I love you more than life itself.

You are a strong kindhearted young man and you always have been.Son I’m so proud of you and the person you’ve grown to be. In this life you will meet all kinds of people. Please learn to give freely with no expectations Of return and you’ll be fine. Most people will take what they need then go, a few people in your life will take what they need then give you back 10x what they took, those people son. They are your true friends. The ones that give without being asked and receive without asking. Those are the people that will see you through this life,cherish them.

At points in time during this life you may find yourself without answers. That’s okay, that’s what life is about, trust that you’ve gathered enough information in life to solve the puzzle, for there are no real hardships in life just puzzles that you’ll need to figure out along the way. Stay true to your pure heart and you’ll survive anything. Remember to listen to those who know more than you and disregard those who don’t. Learn from the mistakes of many and follow in the footsteps a few. Learn to create your own path and it will lead you to happines. Learn to accept that some things in life you’ll never be able to control and that’s okay. It’s the universe doing its thing and sometimes it’s good to hitch a ride to the next station in life and sometimes it’s best to walk and take it slow. You’ll know when that it is my son, just look inside yourself for the answer, you’re heart will guide you.

Please remember to be kind to yourself and those around you for when life gets hard it will those people that cherish and protect your heart the most. Be firm in conviction and gentle in touch. Learn of to field yourself but never cause harm and lastly today know that I love you, it’s been the biggest test of my life to have to be away from you. Soon you’ll be 18 and I can show you the world as I’ve seen it so you may discover for yourself.

For all of my day and all that come after.
I love you with my whole heart son.
benjamin m prewitt

1970-still kick’n

Started 180 day ago and part of the legacy I leave my son. May my words and those of people far wiser than I guide you properly through this life.