Letters to my son

Lost but not forgotten


The warmth of your smile is know amongst the Angels.

~The warmth of your smile is know amongst the Angels.
You cause the sun to swim with jealousy next to the
radiance of your beauty.
The deepest seas nor skies of blue dare not to
meet your gaze.
For they be caught blushing in the presence of your stare or chance they be forever lost in love as I.

My heart beats faster than the hands of time each moment I’m in your grace.
As if bathed in milk and honey or made of the softest silks and breath of the mornings dew.
Your skin gives the babes of Venus room for envious smile and wish.
I’m here, worn,weathered and wiser than before to watch and smile as you grow into the greatest you the worlds ever seen and the honor and pleasure.

Is truly all mine.