What darkness becomes 

I’ve stood here and watched for to long…. 

My hearts grown cold of seeking forgiveness in barren lands. Now I shall bare these burdens no longer. 

I seek shelter from these storms of life, a simple coffee and pen some paint a lover and muse. I’ve grown to tired to fight with words…  

No battle is greater than now so please forgive if my panic you find frightening, trust me my invisible nothingness this to shall pass.

As the seasons of man slips away so does the love from this heart. 

heavy is the heart of a man broken and marked for life…. 

What darkness comes for the light today has a name I shall never speak it again for even just the thought of it  makes demons hold their hearts in sorrow … The night comes quickly to those lost at sea. What darkness becomes….is up to you and is up to me.. 

B. 2016 #words 


It’s over- My heart grieves

But, my head does not, for anyone who asks or tells you (me) to sacrifice your health and wellbeing of them DOES NOT DESERVE TO BE IN YOUR LIFE.

I want to thank again the many many people who have come to support, read,follow, like or share my story. There are no words written only whispered in the in the night that could ever express the gratitude I have for each, and, every one of YOU.
“Be brave be bold and thrive in the life you have.”


As I’m left with the remnants of my day
Bits and pieces of my patch work memory
Some good, some bad, some just…
I’m left with a body broken an tired
Each piece screams for release from these borrowed bones
A Frankenstein of pills and prose
Sorrow filled woes of choices and voice pulling me apart like a sharks first feast.
Sleep…. Calls my name as the night creeps and the frogs sing, a chill to the nights air takes me places long forgotten and most missed
Of clear nights sky’s, laughter and lullabies.
Truths unspoken to the stars, warm fires and wishful kisses.
All gone to the dreams of a body that won’t last.
Written 6/8/14