Everyday I’m reminded of the path that has been chosen for me. One may say but don’t we make our own path chose our own destiny? Yes of sorts we do but so often I think if one looks close at the existence of their life you will find circles, choices remade, situation explored time and time again. This is life, a linear circle if we want to think in a non-conventional way. Layers of paths intersecting and switching yet ultimately ending in the same place. So each day I wake and I listen to what the world is saying, the trees, the wind, the sound and vibration of the world, I try to absorb that energy and let it find it’s place within. I listen to my body and see if its part if me or I with it in any given day. Anybody with a neurological disorder will understand what that means I think. I find the tune my body is singing and move with it. The hardest part if this is the conscious mind. It wants and needs, it wants to not shake it wants to not feel pain it wants to feel strong for those are the needs of the flesh, the flesh is alive on a different level than the mind, getting the two to play nice is the tricky part. Finding a place of peace and harmony can be a difficult path for even now this very second I’m reminded to take my pills or pay the price. Sorry my mind wanders endlessly. The path. Take a few moments everyday before you start your journey and listen to who you are, the reflections of your choices,thoughts and actions. From that take another moment and choose who you will be. Are you in a path? Are you wandering in the dark? Everyday I wake and make a conscious decision to spread joy and love, to listen with my heart and soul to the other hearts and souls I encounter, yes somedays I don’t succeed some days my borrowed bones do not find my mind and I do not have a balanced day. That’s life, that’s the lesson of the day, the challenge of balance. So I guess the whole point of this long metaphorical rant is choose. Choose your path, effect changing in your life and those around you. Whether you realize it or not you have the power to do great things everyday. Today I’m choosing to make to try to make you think. I’m choosing to try to make a difference in one humans heart and soul that they may see that regardless of perceived disability or trauma or event that they YOU have a choice. Make it. Ok enough from the depths of a ranting mind.
May harmony find your soul and join it with your body and guide your heart to a new level of love and understanding. Sorry about the lack of paragraphs and punctuation but if you know me at all this just pouts Fromm mind to you no edit no rewrite pure words pure love thought and emotion.
Peace be with you always


Under Painting #1




This is just the under painting for this piece, I’m using an interesting technique where there is texture the board has been treated and will only except a certain amount of paint at a time. Where there is no texture the board is un treated and will drink in anything I feed it continuing to grow as dark or as light as I like with what ever color is applied. Lots more to come.
I hope the day is guiding you all with much grace and love.