On a night just like this.

On a night just like this the stars shown for us.
Brighter than the anything we’d…..ever seen.
Long walks in fall as the leaves changed.
Followed by winters warmed by the fire.
Gently snow drifts down as softlights guide,;bright lights into springs hands as the body renews and life begins again. Slow at first with just buds of the future showing clear and strong.

Then into growth with branches clear and clean. Woven mysteries like tapestries drift from the northern lights to my heart. Each pulse a beacon of strength and knowing that I am never truly alone in this world.

On a night just like this I forgave myself for loving you and for you never loving me. That is why on a night just like this the stars shown for just me, for I am as you are and we shall forever be lost in time, misplaced but mine no more lost and forgotten as the hummingbirds have left the hillside and now I follow only my heart. Adieu.

Words have never been so bitter sweet as if spoken from a place looking down in shame.i am forever grateful for this life be it ending or flourish for a thousand more.
I shall speak of this no more.

Benjamin. 2016 

My life after you…. 

In a muses heart

The pain written in a muses blood doth break the tender heart string of mine.
Given only hope that love large enough to heal the wounds that run so deep.
How I bleed for tortures of a muscle that ever beats then stops forever.
Know this poetess of my dreams desires.
No broken heart call could a true knight
ever lift his hand not to hold another above the flames of hurt and sorrow.
Rest knowing there is a light so strong that no darkness could ever consume.
For it is you…



Remember when……..

Slowly as the night cascades down around this
spent worn shell of a man
I’m reminded….

Of the lazy days of summer.
Jumping from the highest rock
Tanned skin
Wind chapped lips
from days at the beach
All night Bon fires.
Waking sandy and smelling of slow burned embers of the night before
Only to bathe in the
summer sun and rinse
in the oceans of my youth.



Wi Fi madness

Greetings from the Nightingale Center.
As things begin to get settled in this new place I watch as I do taking in all the old with the new. Finding my way amongst everything. Truly a gifted and kind group of people here. All treating me very well. Fatigue has kicked in a bit so I’ve found a pleasant bench,bookcase and Wi-Fi spot to sit and relax a bit at.

I hope the world has been kind to you all today and you to it.
Much love and light.

Because We Can

http://connectivetissuedisorders.wordpress.com/2013/02/02/have-heart-for-marfan-sydrome/ This my dear friend Katie’s site February Is Marfan month and in honor of her courage and selflessness I’ve joined her in be effort to raise awareness. May the kindness and love of others help help the sick of … Continue reading

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