Happy birthday my son

The best part of my life was spent with you. Happy birthday to my one and only boy. I love you and miss you.


Somewhere, somehow we met the world come between us. Please know I’m here, I love you and when you’re ready I am too.

Happy Birthday

That’s all I can say in fairness. I never wanted the way thing to be the way they are. I hope you know that. None of this was ever supposed to be like this. I planned for the safety of my family, the success of us. I just never planned on doing it with my family.. I’m sorry I failed you Andersen and Isa so terribly. I wish All of us would have had the strength to be a better family for each other… I hope that life has brought back normal to all of you. Sincerely Benjamin M Prewitt. Dad, father, friend and ex-husband 😔