Special days

I have nothing good to say today. So I’m going to say everything by writing nothing. Well nothing compared to the whole I space I was ready to tare..

Two humans whom I’ve recently known have given me the opportunity to realize my greatest fears and pushed me to grow further than I realized I could and for that I’ll say thank you. May the good Lord take you sooner than later. Just saying 😉

Happy Valentines day.

Sincerely. Benjamin


Today-I woke….

Today I woke falling.

Reaching for you.

But you’d gone already

You were there right in front of me

But you’d already pushed me


Today I woke looking for the

Hand, the person I hold so

Closely to my heart

But you’d gone and I’m falling.


Looking East


As the morning light chases the night from my head and heart, I’m reminded of the dawn of a new day.
How every day has the chance at greatness,peace and wonder. As do all of you.
Each of our lives loosely connected by an invisible thread some feathered by the heart others by the head but all connected of one reason or another.
The gift of perception is one of the most beautiful gifts this universe has to bestow upon us, it can turn a bad day good a good day great and the mundane a new adventure. I choose to be free of guilt today. I will enjoy my coffee by my cradle light fire and watch the sunrise.
Listen to my symphony of frogs and crickets give way to the day and be replaced be the chirps of birds and the hum of the city below. I will love fully, laugh with no hindrance and cry freely.
“Though love be a day and life be nothing , I shall not stop kissing” E.E.Cummings.

May the day greet you with open arms, fill your hearts with love, take the pain of the day from your body and mind and guide you gently on your paths.