A time before this time.

Once upon a time before now we were whole. Our family had purpose and plans. A place to be and things to do. Where are they now I wonder. So many things have happened from then to now. Most if which I don’t understand or really even remember. I saw you when I was sick with cancer and going through treatment. I remember you saying that it was getting hard at home. I remember so very very little. I remember that those whom where supposed to be my friends and family closest to me in the geographic sense seemed to not show up in support of the aftermath of cancer treatment. Though I guess nobody really knew the effects 35 radiation treatment and 10 chemotherapy treatment to the head and neck would do to ones self. Who knew what having Parkinson’s disease at 39 years old would destroy a family and lifelong friendships. Who knew that the world would burn down before all our eyes and run rampant with covid-19 *SARS-COR-2

Today I sit and watch something I haven’t seen since mount saint helens blew up, or since I was kid and watched lake Tahoe national forest burn. These times that we are in are no time to be apart, to let things unsaid be unsaid. Once upon a time before all of this we were whole you and I. We could again in a new way of we tried.