“Sam Smith – I’m Not The Only One” on YouTube

Sneek peek of works in progress and lots more to come


Really quick science time

Waiting for my Speech therapy to start I thought I’d share this video. M.J.Fox may be famous and a great spikes person for PD but this guy is the real deal. My Hero!!! Wiggly Hugs 😀 Super Dyskinesia today lol … Continue reading

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Pm ~ Words and paint

As the night comes I can feel them tighten
Winding liken rubber bands around propellers
From my childhood.
Muscles begin to flex, feet arch as if touched
by the coldest of marble floors
Toes crossed like school yard promises
Broken behind backs.
Meds ease the pain and dull the mind
But is that what I should become
Numb, void of feeling
Lacking of the sense of touch,
Taste and smell.
Shoulders wrenched clicking and crunching
Every motion a pop,legs and hips ankles and elbows
all becoming the same
Yet my mind remains calm like a gentle breeze
On a slow summers eve.

A sneak peek at part of the inspiration for my next piece. This being a photo I haven’t shared prior.


I hope the world takes you in her arms and guides you gently through the night and the morrows start.


Wiggles~lets learn stuff



Dyskinesia is a movement disorder which consists of adverse effects including diminished voluntary movements[1] and the presence of involuntary movements, similar to tics or chorea. Dyskinesia can be anything from a slight tremor of the hands to uncontrollable movement of, most commonly, the upper body but can also be seen in the lower extremities. Discoordination can also occur internally especially with the respiratory muscles and it often goes unrecognised.[2] Dyskinesia is a symptom of several medical disorders and is distinguished by the underlying cause