Prayers Unanswered~Grant me the Strength

Prayers Unanswered****

Tonight their is no magic in the stars.
These shakes and quakes that plague
me have stolen my soul.
Like the blacken crows that pluck
Out the eyes of this heart woefully
fluttering whispers of healing praise.
No…! They not of the glassen heart that trembles in the dark
as if some godly torment crushes the boys soul!!

For what deal with devil have you made my poor son…?

Nothing….Nothing..fills the darkest night not even
the blacken ash of Hells fire can ignite the flame,
for it is green with envy for another hearts heart.

As the boy cries empty from the hallways and bed flames
of loves gone quiet in the night, so many years ago.
Will these borrowed bones not break
Not from the strain of such a heavy heart.
As the music of century’s old try to weep its way through
this heart and take away the pain through
hogs hair and that of the once living.

Silence….silence… Does cry like a mothers child lost in the rain
of the dark and fright of ones own choosing,
god grant me the strength….strength

To be who I was born to be…..
Just one more time..
This knight is done…no more hollow heart swallows of desert dry…..
Only tears, only tears have I…..