Letters to my son

Art, for the soul,heart and mind.

Greetings and salutations. I hope the day has found you well. Here is a look a the Salem Hospital show. 

Thanks again for stopping by today. The show will be up through February 🎉. If you have the chance stop on by. Much love always. Benjamin-2018 

“Be brave be bold and thrive in the life you have.”


“Sam Smith – I’m Not The Only One” on YouTube

Sneek peek of works in progress and lots more to come

~Lotus Flower~ Completed

She’s finished… Phew… And I don’t feel like I screwed it up. She is so close to my vision I’ll accept it as completed.. Otherwise I’d have thousands of uncompleted works sitting around the studio.
This Lotus for me is again part of a healing process I will probably be in for the rest of my days. Healing from one life to the next one transition to another as the one sure and true thing that this life does offer is change. I’d like to believe that what rise out if transformative change is a more strong more pure form of who we are to our most core nature. Though these life events tend to be the most brutal and unforgiving I’d like to think that they can also be if observed correctly a marvelous tool of self discovery and growth.

As I transitioned from a “career job” back to a more true version of my passions in life via the vehicle of Parkinson’s disease I though life couldn’t get anymore hard. Then the loss of my wife and children through our separation. Proved me wrong. I must admit my heads been spinning none stop of the past 4 months. So slowly, painfully I’m finding my way. New support system, new friends, challenges and opportunities.

So I too like this Lotus flower hope to grow from the dark waters of my past and Blume into something new a chance at life and all the joys and pain it brings.

All those things being said. I carry a calm in my heart as if I’ve a baby rabbit in my hands. Soft, peaceful thoughts, no hasty movement, just patients and tender care. I guard my heart a bit more than before and that makes me a little sad but time dies change all wounds and we know how I feel about change, I’m counting on it.


~Lotus Flower~
24″ x 30″
Mixed media

To those of you who read this far down…. Where you are and what ever you do. Please remember to always Be Brave, Be Bold and Thrive in the life you have… You never know when it will change.

What to do….?

Each day as the dawn draws back i hear echoes of thoughts waft through my mind of things to come and things gone by.
I sit and ponder the gifts of the day, my breath, my heart, my love and compassion for all living things. What gifts we bring to the world and what we
ask in return from this perilous oh so vast expanse of space we occupy.

Today; ups,print store,car wash,studio, my favorite place the paint store. I don’t work in the sense of what 95% of you do as I’ve been on full time disability since 2/19/13 but as you know that freedom came at a great personal cost. I am burying this next bit deep in this wordy post because it is only for those who take the time to read all the words. I have a chance to occupy a studio space in my town it would give me the opportunity to bypass the local, ” arts and craft” galleries that abound in this town and open a real working studio. If anyone wishes to contribute to this happening email me personally for the details, as a painter I have only one gift to give which is my work in exchange for such a chance. Today brings great hope to our world for it is a new day, a new chance to be the great humans we were all born to be. Some of us writers of words for lovers and lost souls or painters of things yet seen by this world. All of us are equally important and gifted in each right. Never forget that. Who you are and what you bring to life by simply existing is a gift unique only unto yourself, something know one besides you has to give. So shine on, the star that you are and look no further than the mirror in front of you for the beauty and strength you seek for its been in you the entire time.
All my love, all my strength I give to you for I need it not on this day or any other.