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Morning thoughts

Would you give up your life, to save your life”? I was quoted saying that once, the questions hoarded to answer at 3am in stage 7-8 pain racing through your body like a train out of control. I must admit that at time I do wish that Parkinson’s was like a really bad cold and eventually it would go away.

This morning I woke in some of the worse pain I’ve been in a while, I’m sure a number o factor come into play and I won’t bore you with all of them. The pain always makes me reflect a bit when it gets this bad. It draws me inward as my monkey mind travels each inch of my body trying to sooth the broken bits. The reflection of time gone by; as I would sit in crisis situations and think, how much worse can it get? Well it can get lots worse 😉
I’ve been talking about change a lot lately as I feel there are changes coming yet unseen or foretold and it is in these time of great pain that I’m thankful everything changes. And just as my previous self was naive enough to ponder on how bad can it get.?
This PWP who sits hunched, with tendons and muscles clenched knows the beautiful truth of change. I will not feel like this all day (I hope) I will overcome this morning!! I will succeed in my plan to work on Big Sky today. I will go meet with the Cafe Crema and dbl check the space for septembers show!! Because as all things change this pain shall pass as well. For that I am thankful. No matter how bad it gets. It can also get 4 million times better.
So never give up.! Okay 4am and my pushy phone has reminded me its pill time. Studio updates to follow.
Thoughts of the day: when your in your darkest hour and you feel all hope is lost, just breath, relax take a deep breath. For what ever it is that has brought one to this place of need it to shall pass as all things do.