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Sneek peek of works in progress and lots more to come


Words~ 4/23/15

With such gentle touch does this flower open for a taste…
Soft silken petals wet from the morning mist….
Like waking from a warm dream
Embraced and cared for held safe and sound.
Such a feeling comes only from those who truly love us like the morning rain loves the sun or the leaves love the breeze. Oh to be touched deep within the heart without the fear of distrust or jealously.
Such lessons are the hardest after the mirror of innocence is broken. I search deep in my heart and soul to find the strength and love required to quiet these demon so I may stay to watch your flower grow…IMG_0742.JPG

“Be brave, Be Bold and Thrive in the life you have, we never know when things will change.”

**painting updates to come soon(ish)

Day 3 ~ 6 paintings in 7 days

Day 1 “Destined”

Day 2 “Dreaming of you”

Day 3 “A safe place”
**needs varnish and frame painted which will be done by lunch time..




I’ll see you in a day, much painting to be done.

Good days and bad days

It’s funny how life changes before your eyes some times. Our children grow up and out. We watch our own bodies grow older right in front of the mirror yet so often that voice behind our eyes stays the same.

Parkinson’s disease is a fickle love I must say. One day the meds work great and you feel almost normal maybe a bit more tired or clumsy than the average bear but for the most part pretty good.
Then other days *yesterday for me things can get out of control faster than the mind can find a safe place to land.
Cognition and Parkinson’s I’ve explained it this way to a number of people in the past but today I feel bares repeating. Imagine the day your normal as you feel today. You think clearly you can recall all the information you need at any given moment you can multi-task
And effectively communicate all of your thoughts clearly. Now imagine all the information you’ve ever learned on a neat clean and tidy roll a decks in your head all that information complied and organized behind perfect little tabs giving you the ability to retrieve the afore mentioned knowledge and experience……Got it? Picture it clearly in your mind…….
Now with Parkinson’s and cognition take that roll a decks, remove all the tabs and shake it up like a snow globe. All those pretty little snow flakes are bits of knowledge and experiences. Now go about your day and try doing what you’ve done it’s pretty overwhelming or at least it can be. Yesterday was that day for me. I had just finished PT on a day my body hasn’t really been cooperating with me to begin with and as I leave the office staff stops me to take about some pretty heavy and important stuff. At that point my mind and body had enough I’d reached maximum capacity to function on a Pollyanna level. My descent into the darkness of my disease had me and wasn’t going to let go. Thanks for staying tuned to listen to the adventures of a man with Parkinson’s disease, trying to make the best of what life has given me. Some days in win and some days I lose, but I’ll never stop trying.

Science time

So I thought I’d be a rock star right out of the gate. I was going to go the the frame shop and talk to mr. Frame guy( the ones I can’t or don’t want to make myself) then I was going to paint and listen to some music, but noooo Mr.F decided to come hang out this morning.
I’m still in a lovely mood and it will be a great day!! Just maybe a bit different than I had planned. So thanks to Modern technology I can sit here in my car and rest for a second before I drive back home and rest for a bit more. I was really hoping to create some magic today by combining the techniques used on Blue Studio & Epiphany of Spring. You guys know me well enough that when I get an idea it has to come out.
Oh well I’ll have a talk with Mr. F and see if he’ll loosen his grip so I can come out and play later. Until then may the day grant you the wisdom to change your life to the one you envisioned and the common sense to enjoy the one you have. May your hearts be full of love and strength today and if they are not, you may have mine.


Fatigue and Parkinson’s Disease

Why can’t I seem to get anything done?
One of Parkinson’s more insidious symptoms is fatigue. This is not your garden variety bone-tired. This is fatigue on a cellular level. Your body is working overtime to accomplish the simplest of tasks: Taking a shower, answering the phone, pouring orange juice. In addition, you may be coping with the combination of possible cognitive problems knows as “Parkinson’s apathy”. These problems include difficulty initiating projects, inability to follow complex instructions, short-term memory loss and difficulty in switching gears midstream.
What Is Fatigue in Parkinson’s Disease?

Fatigue is typically experienced as a state of being tired, weary, exhausted and without energy. Some people say they feel like they are walking underwater or through molasses—everything is an effort and exhausting. Although fatigue can make depression worse, it is not the same as depression. You can have fatigue and no depression. Most people with fatigue are not necessarily sad or self-destructive.

Similarly, fatigue is not the same as excessive daytime sleepiness. Although fatigue makes daytime sleepiness worse and harder to bear, you can have daytime sleepiness but still not have fatigue. You can experience the need for and urge to sleep and still not feel like you are walking underwater or through a field of molasses! Exhaustion and weariness are not the same as sleepiness.