Everybody loves unicorns~~Right?


“The Imagine Award” is an award created by Jenn Mulherin (who is the writer of the blog “My Fibrotastic Life!”) in October of 2013. This award was made in order to recognize the bloggers who express their passion and dedication towards their blogs through their creativity.

Here’s what you need to do to accept the Imagine Award:

In a post dedicated to this award:

Copy and paste The Imagine Award into your post.
Thank the blogger who nominated you and link their blog page to your post.
List 3-5 things about the nominator’s blog that you like (which you think are very creative).
Nominate 5 other bloggers/blogs which you think display a fantastic use of creativity and imagination.
Notify your nominees.
Display The Imagine Award to your blog’s award page.

1. Thank the person whom bestowed this fine unicorn 😉
List 3 million things you love about their blog.
1. Ali is by far one if the most creatively diverse writers whom I’ve have the pleasure to both meet and read in many years.

2. Personally I enjoy the whit and seemingly endless character spontaneity
Ali creates within her tales.

3. Lastly I enjoy the real voice Ali brings to her writing, be it her own recounts of youth or one of my personal favorites the story about waking up as a man. Loved!! That one.
So if you’ve not stopped by a had a shuffle through the many pages of Ali please your self a favor. Pour a nice tall cup of tea ( bourbon ) and have a sit with Mrs.Ali her tales will not disappoint.
** phew I thought I was going to have to babble historic facts about myself, thankfully for you and I it’s not required yay!!! The next bit, nominate 5 blogs for there creative genius. To all of the folk out there you know I’m not a huge fan if nominating blogs because I love you all so dearly. So what I’m going to do is nominate blogs that I’m newly following but surely if any of you would like to snatch a fine unicorn for your selves please do so but you must do the rules so no pony pinching if your not going to play all the way okay….?
1. http://thesacredroad.com/

2. http://rendezvouswithrenee.com/

3. https:/metarvheenoia.wordpress.com/

4. http://ilovegreeninspiration.com/

5. http://debradml.com/

There I’ve fulfilled my obligation to the five, if I could scoop all of you up and just keep you by my side for ever I would but five was the number so five I shall be.

Go proud into the day, give live to those who need, food to those who are hungry and shelter to those who seek it. For in your lives one may come in need as well and it is always better to give than receive.



It takes a Village


First I have to say I love the idea behind this award. It’s not about being “the best” or more inspiring than anyone else. It’s about being a community. For those of us who have been around a while and traded a plethora of awards it gets a little time consuming, well this Award in my humble opinion is not over barring nor to time consuming and it speaks to the reason many if us “Blog”
Not just get our story out there but it’s to reach out and help others rom our own experiences. To belong to a community of like minded people.
So here’s the deal: nominate the people you choose to it used to be 10 and tag bag the people who nominated you, but I think the important part is just to reach out and say “Hey, I appreciate you!!”
So here goes:
I’ve received 2 of these so far and have not replied due to life but this is part of my life so I’m making the time.
These two lovely ladies have nominated me for this award. If you haven’t already stop by and see what they do it’s worth it. As far as my nominations go they are as follows:

Ok I could go on and on but I’ll stop here for now. Yes I know some of the people I’ve nominated run none awards sites, sorry but I’m being greedy, I just buried my cat, my PD is killing me and this award is about community and you people are as much a part of my family as my flesh and blood family. Some of you I know personally and some of you I know only as a blogger but I love you all for different reasons and this is my way of letting you know.
Alright well happy Sunday I hope the day finds you well and your heart full of love and light.


Awards time people.

First things first I’m so bad at the turn around of these things I’m honored and thrilled but doing the turnaround on my phone is like making a cut and paste snowflake so for starters I just want to post my thanks and give recognition where it’s due:
Her blog is more than amazing, she is bold, beautiful, inspiring and full of a passion for life. Also one of the very first blogs I ever followed here on WP.
So please if you get a chance stop by say hi, it will be worth the click.

Beautiful blogger award


As most of you know I’m the worst ever at doing these award things so I figured if I did it right away then I’d get it done. So here goes first I publicly thank my nominator right? That would be.
She’s an amazing young photographer and everyone should revel in her greatness 😉

Secondly I’m supposed to say seven random bits about me:

1. I have 8 pairs of black slip on loafers.
2. I have enough white undershirts to wear a new one everyday if the month.(random enough?)
3.I had my first piece of poetry published when I was in the 3rd grade, oddly enough it was called angels and demons, and yes they made me see a shrink after that.
4. My food weakness is chocolate and peanut butter.. Yum!!
5. I love Vargas girls
6. I can or used to be able to juggle.
7. I’m partially color blind.. Funny right for a painter… What was I thinking.. Lol

Ok next I nominate 7 others, I choose mostly newer blogs I’m following not all but most. Apologies to my long time followers if you’d like an award I have loads of of them in the closet I’d be happy to give them all to you 😉 ok back on track.. Right… And the envelope please…drum roll………








I could tell you why I nominated these fine bloggers but what’s the fun in that. Go see what they’re doing and give them some WP hugs!!!
Thank you and good night!!
Not really but ya know it sounded good.

An Award!!

Special thanks to: http://queencheckmate.wordpress.com/2012/11/10/reality-blog-award/
For the nomination!!

1) If you could change something what would you change?
**Intolerance I’d pick it out of every human heart and throw it away for ever!!

2) If you could repeat an age, what age would it be
**If I could take my current knowledge with me it would be 25 otherwise, I like my age currently.
3) What one thing really scares you?
**Failing my family
4) What one dream have you not completed yet and do you think you will be able to complete it.
I would like to own a nice home on the coast, not the “Beach” but the coast, And yes I’ll get there.

5) If you could be someone else for a day, who would you be?
**This is going to sound strange but for one day I would be the person who poses the biggest threat to human peace, I don’t know who that person is but for that one day I would fill their heart with love, faith, peace and courage. In hopes on the next day they would be a changed person.
**The following are my nominations for this award, I could do plenty more but these are my choices. Much love people.