Lost and Found

One of the things I’ve been dreading about the upcoming move is going through the boxes from my late father who passed aways very suddenly 05/30/2007 a day before my 37th birthday. During the course of my morning which started at 2am pst this morning 12/4/13 I found some very interesting files buried in one of the many boxes I’ve had the displeasure of going through today.
It comes with mixed emotions that I share these things with you today. As complex as my relationship with my father was he and I share one very similar trait, we are (were) very sentimental, keeping notes and bits of paper from histories past as mementoes of things gone by. Pretty normal I imagine. While going through these boxes I found a file with my name on it thinking it would be report cards or kid related doctors stuff, I took a deep breath and opened said file. Much to my surprise it held only one envelope with my late grandmothers hand writing. In 1996 she submitted one of my poems to a national poetry contest. I didn’t know anything about it until I received an acceptance letter from the National Library of Congress stating that my piece published in an anthology book of poetry. Still to this day I’ve never seen the book itself but with the letter I found this morning I’ll be able to start narrowing down the possibilities. The following is that poem, written in 1983 when I was 13 years old.


Throwing stones through a glass room
to the tune of deaf ears
Cast away by a blind man
 with the temperance of steel
and a heart like coal
Do you understand his pain?
Do the hearts of the persecuted cry
for the day of their release.
A silent black death
to take the place of the pain
inflicted by their captures.
I cry a blood stained tear
for the meek
and unwilling.
I cry for you.

Benjamin M Prewitt

Its been so long since ive thought about this piece, I can’t remember a time in my life ever that there wasnt conflict, small moments in time where things were smooth but it never seemed to last long. I guess things havent changed much in that respect. Maybe its due to my passion or my view of the world. Maybe its a reaction to the things I see and have always seen in humankind. Today should be a day a great joy. It’s the day of the Something Red reception and the downtown Salem Oregon Art Walk yet I’m wrought with conflict of the heart and mind. I often wonder if this is the curse of an artist and those impassioned beyond the “normal” or if by some way or some thing I’m just eternally broken. Cursed by the heavens to carry a cross that is not my own.

I hope the day is kind to all of you and you find in your hearts to love. That you find the courage, strength and hope you need to live your lives to the fullest without the burden I feel every waking moment of life.

Be Brave Be Bold and Thrive in the Life you have… and I will try to do the same.

Benjamin M Prewitt

a work in progress.

I miss you Dad where ever you are.
** photo taken Dec 1971, I was one year old. The painting behind him was one of his own and something I remember vividly.

A day off…

Good morning\Afternoon and evening, I hope the day has found you well, first off from deep in my heart I’d like to thank many of you for your lovely well wishes. This time of great change I must admit has caught me off guard a bit. I cherish change it keeps life fresh and new. It is the life blood of the future. Yet this time of change id new for me as I’ve never experienced great change with PD. Though my onset of Parkinson’s disease was rapid and honestly pretty brutal compared to the stories I’ve read from others with PD. I’ve only had PD for a little over two years. So there are many things in life I’ve yet to experience with my new-found friend. Moving being one of them and doing so in such a grand manner has been one of the toughest things I’ve done regardless of PD. I suppose hurting myself in a very painful fashion practically on day one hasn’t made things any easier. But I’m a fighter, I am that tree that will soak up the suns warmth from whatever direction it comes and save it for a rainy day. The tricky thing about this move is my body is missing some key indicators of when its time to be done. I suffer from peripheral neuropathy to the extent that I have little to no physical sensation in my hands, arms and legs.
So while your body will tell you “hey” you just hurt yourself or cut your leg ect.. I don’t feel those things the way most do. So when I do finally feel the pain it’s from a completely different source and sadly one that doesn’t know how to get that information correctly to the places it needs to go, My brain. O.o
I’ve talked with doctors as of late about ways to fight this but it seems their answer is to just kill the nerve completely, for instance I have a nerve knot in my foot that sends shocks up my leg from my big toe to my calf. It basically feels like liquid fire being poured up the nerve. Sciences answer to that was a quick injection of “your dead” of which I declined. Id rather feel the pain than never feel again. As for my ribs they will heal, anyone who has ever broken multiple ribs know exactly what im talking about. You go to the doctor in excruciating pain and they say hmm, it looks like you’ve broken or bruised your ribs, here’s a pain pill and a wrap, see you in six weeks, if it hurts too much, sorry don’t hurt your ribs. Anyhow I digress, as the title may suggest im going to be taking a day off,… Kind of, maybe… A little, First the boy and I are going to get our hair cut, for those of you who know me well it is an act of cleansing as well as a “looks” thing. My hair now is way to long for my liking. Today is also the “Something Red” art submission day so I need to go do that. I also have a print I need to pick up at the frame store and get that ready to ship out. Which reminds me I am getting close to capacity on some of the print’s, some of you may not know but I will be not make more than 20 of any print. I really didn’t want to make prints to begin with but as requested and suggested by many of you I decided to go ahead and do so.
So as I sit here a ramble away as I often do, the day is slipping away, Thank you all again for your opinion on the “Something Red” submissions and Truly, Truly thank you for your kind words. People often ask or state ” I don’t know how you manage or carry on” well its simple im a stubborn Irish bastard 😉 and simply from the kindness and strength gifted by others. Enough ramblings lets look at some Art for just a small moment in time.

As I lay me down to sleep

As I lay me down to sleep

Autumns Passing 24"x36" Mixed media SOLD

Autumns Passing
Mixed media



The above paintings mark the most recent work completed, “As I lay me down to sleep”, ” Autumns Passing and “Horizons” all done within the past 30 days or so. I guess I can keep my title as a painter. I just feel shameful as I have a head bursting with images just clamoring to get out. Soon enough right? Soon I will have a “working” studio that friends and patrons may come visit with me at, It HAS A WINDOW!!!! which for those who know is kind of a running joke. Not only am I red-green color blind but I practically paint in the dark with my one “shop light” glaring down at me. Right I coud just sit here all day a chat. which is really what I’d like to do but I must go.

Much Love

Early Morning Thoughts and Things.

Pain drips from everything I am on this mornings dawn
There is a chill and cold in the air that cuts
straight to the bone of this shaky, stiff sack
of borrowed bones. Yet no sorrow shall be given
for the choice is my own. At what cost does a
king give his body, to build a castle he will
never get to use.

*** On wicked words did the night bite
and cause great sorrow.
For in the dawns light nothing had changed
the boy was still a boy
Dressed in the suite of man he once knew.
Given heart string pull at such harmonious
discord, how can ones should bear such a song.
With each repeat do we not find solace in the
idea that maybe this time will be our last and
we will learn the how to true be free of the
madness within an aching heart a broken body
and bleeding soul. Amen………………



IEeny meeny miny moe,………Part 2

Good morning and happy monday from the great pacific northwest. Id like to personally thak all of you who took the time to comment on the first half of this post. As pasrt one said tbc here is the second half. The painting that most folks mentioned are pretty much the one I figured would be voted for. I figured we would look at a couple more just for giggles but honestly I think most of the really really good ones have already been purchased. Seems like its time for me to get busy painting 😉
These are the current most voted for pieces:













Here are a couple more pieces Ive been thinking about submitting


3 color abstract sunset / rise

3 color abstract sunset / rise

Autumns Passing

Autumns Passing

Pi~Guy and the Cowboy

Pi~Guy and the Cowboy

To be honest Im not sure what pieces Im going to go with, They have to be framed and they have to be 36″ x 48″ at the largest. If they let me submitt pieces that at that size prior to being framed the I’ll submitt These 3 no question if not then im unsure:

Angels and Demons

Angels and Demons



Ribbons #1

Ribbons #1

Right then its time for me to get this day going. I have the pleasure of having lunch with a very dear friend today and Im taking the day off from the Farm house. I managed to pull most of the muscles surrounding my ribs on the right side a couple days ago and yeah it hurts like crazy so im more than happy to take the day, plus normal life stuff calls I need to go to the market and prepare a menu for the week.

As always, Be Brave, Be Bold and Thrive in the life you have.
Much love and light.

Change and Stuff

Good day, I hope your all doing well and enjoying this fine day on planet earth. I’m not sure whats in store for me today but I must say my head is so full of everything right now im finding it hard to do anything. I need to run some donations to a local place here shortly, i also need to get the rest of the tags up for the show down town. I think the stress of traveling and moving and hanging a show in such close succession is (was) a bad idea. I’m finding myself not painting or writing much. I’ve fallen back in with that damn monster fatigue, My arch nemeses, I do hate him so. Ive been stretching and working out everyday and I still feel like crap. They say its because of the way my brain has changed due to the PD that I or my brain interprets pain diffrently, what ever it is its kind of a bummer 😀 Ive just today added some more things to all the “shops”

Print Shop


Gallery 1


Gallery 2


Well I think we should look at some art and get on with the day, its just about 10a here and Ive a ton of stuff im not doing that needs to be attended to:


A piece we havent seen in a long time


Sabbia is still one of my favs, though im not sure why. I think its because it was done when i finally started to come to terms with my PD like I was trying to explain to someone the other day. Accepting a thing for what it is doesn’t mean that one has given up, it simply means they’ve (ive) come to terms with , Progressive, incurable, degenerative, three words you really never want to hear in the same sentence especially when its directed at one self. But it is what it is. Anyhow i have a cat how’s trying to invade the keyboard so i must be on my way.

Much love.