I have always cared to deeply.

Into the heart of the matter does a man not begin to see things clearly after years of experience and silent hell spent yearning for things lost to the uncureable and fortunes failure.?

Give him not the grace of wisdom by failing to prove faithful and loyal of heart and mind, then truly demons mist walk among us in the shape of Eve and Angels lost of hope and heart, broken and cursed forevermore. Wings of gossomur silk traded for whispers of a ghost, lost in the darkness. 

Again surrounded by confusion and panic. Living in a roller coasters heart has taken its toll… I’ve grown to tired to fight anymore, the soul of Hope has been bled nearly dry by harlotts and harpies. Grown so tired of endless giving, endless judgement and critics galor. All for a place to rest this weary and weathered soul, a cursed night and endless wonderer now numb and tired from the rain and cold of this life. Shivers uncontrolled now echo these bones of truths giving pardon only to fires in my soul as I drift away…

The End… A freewrite by.me

Benjamin M Prewitt 2017 December 31st #myshakylife 


“Sam Smith – I’m Not The Only One” on YouTube

Sneek peek of works in progress and lots more to come


The winds have a chill early this year and the trees are as red as can be. I sit here pondering life as the last of the night slips away just before dawn kisses her hello and goodbyes to the moon.

I find myself so torn and so truly overwhelmed by life. This inability to focus or remember. This “Grey” tone to life emotionally as i feel no chemical connection no evocation besides fear, confusion and the dissolusions of dreams. Yet each day I wake pray for all to be strong enough to be the best person they can be whilst, i struggle daily with simply moving around the house. I pause millions of times in my head and hundreds of times in a day as i struggle to express verbally how I feel but my tonal changes in voice influction often prohibit me from accutately getting things across. Same with my word find. But ya know there is still beauty in the day. The sun has started to rise through the morning fog. Silohettes of great pines stand strong against the sun as it breaks the tree line.

Today I’m thankful for the little that I have, for it means the world to me. A few friends, close and dear. A few dreams yet met to give up a chance and the faith that all will be well in the end. Much love and light.

Benjamin. “Be brave, be bold and thrive in the life you have.” You never truly know when things will change,, and they will.

Morning muse

There you are so far away now yet still my soul feels your heart beating. I feel the tears rolling down your cheeks. The silent sobs in the shower.

All so farway yet pounding in my heart, mind and soul. Why did leave so swiftly in the night? Such butterfly kisses wound deeply now. Each breath burns and chokes as your tears fall through time from your heart to mine. Forevermore to scar my heart.

Morning muse.


Work in progress. January 2016

Greetings and salutations just a quick update on some Arty things.


Soon to have color added,  abstract landscape and tree.


Second and third layers of this piece. Lots more to do here.


A close up view of a third work in progress.
Well that’s it for know I’m out of town right now gathering strength so I can be the best person I can for those who love me.  Many huge thanks for everyone love and support.

All works are original works of art unless otherwise stated.