The end

After a few years of healing and trying to put myself in a safe environment,I finally received some information about my son. He’s safe , happy and healthy according to M. My ex-wife. Sadly though the one person ,my son, that kept me fighting Parkinson’s and cancer wants nothing to do with me. To me this is the end. I’ve nothing to live for.

Good bye and be well.

*** to those that read this I’m sorry but I can’t explain what it’s like to loss everything one has ever worked for. For reasons beyond my famlies control we were not strong enough to survive my onset of Parkinson’s and during the course of my cancer treatments and the recovery I never received . The abuse I suffered at the hands of those whom should have helped. Losing everything physical in the mere 25 days I was there has been something I haven’t recovered from. Now with my son’s estrangement love is to much burden. I have a few friends and a caregiver , a partner and an dog. I’ll be sending out the few paintings to ppl I have addresses for and a few shoe box sized packages of things I was able to take from AZ. Pictures of my kids and grandparents, wedding photos and the early “good years” I know I won’t be must by many and to the few that stuck by my side through it all you know where I’ll be. I’ll probably not post anywhere anymore. Much love and thanks for the many years of love and support through what has been the worst years of my life.

Benjamin m Prewitt