An observation of our humanness

Its funny in a not funny kind of way how similar to death or losing someone to death that sudden break ups or life changes can feel. The void that’s left behind when someone goes away forever. Those moments when you forget they have left and you go to share a laugh or memory. When you come across the tucked away memos or lost socks.

Yes death and sudden changes of heart or home feel so alike it sends spins to my head and heart… Think I’ll sleep this year and maybe next…



Tis in the morning

Tis in morning I miss you most. When the darkness wakes me from my sleep. When fear jerks me from your side spinning me though the darkness of space,void of all love and friendship.

Tis in the morning when I miss you more than I loved you, as the demons peal the flesh from my skin and the fire rages behind my skull. Your touch, essence and breath in the air calm my soul. Give me peace where I had none,roots where once hardened ground bare no fruit. I miss the soft of your hair as it clouded my eyes with soft butterfly kisses.

Tis in the mornings darkest hour that my soul cries out for your embrace for I have not the strength to face the day alone…. You are my Sunshine….


Faith and rap music failure.

If we are more than just these bags of bones calling out to higher thrones. Then why should we suffer so? For all of the calling that has come before has the blood debt not been spilled and filled for billions and billions upon countless millions of our lives for one drop of blood of blood from one of yours. Cursed Kings and Queens of values sold to the prettiest face of followers fold hiding in filters and pms and dms hashtags,yolo and Toto oh no and don’t go. A go goo ya know it don’t flow because I’m Disco.. oops there I go 😂😂 Fuck all of this modern bullshit it invades our lives like univited guests and steals our lives by distracting us from the people right in front of our faces.

Benjamin. Very very grumpy…