Waxing poetic 21/09/2016 says the chalk board… 

The morning has come to greet me again and for that I’m thankful. Though each day the dawn comes a little later, a little more hard to navigate. At a cost. 
The dawn comes slowly today,  to these aching bones and tendons so tight. A fog covers all I see as a chilled breeze dizzies my head.
I will shed this lead suit that weighs me down… Slowly and ever so careful as to not rush the day, so I wait. I take my meds, I eat my food and I wait for the moment Parkinson’s releases its grip on me and like a fox and hound I shall bound freely.  With patients I wait for this demon to free my frozen shoulder and stiffened hips. As soon as the balance returns to the earth and I’m sure footed.Then and only then do I too desire to roam the day in search of adventure and inspiration. That will draw my next creations to life and with this I leave this thought. Do you truly take the time EACH DAY to appreciate the time you had on this earth today, this day, right now? If not then please,  do so. One time each day and soon one will find joy in the smallest places. 

The End. 

Be brave be bold and thrive in the life you have.

My mirror. 

You are my mirror with a voice that doesn’t sway doesn’t faulter or run away. 

You are my mirror when my voice has no tone or words that match my face.  

You are my mirror that reminds me I have value, that I don’t and may never see or feel, but you do and that’s all that matters to me. 

You are not me nor I you nor shall we ever be.  Yet there is a sense of of complex completion without sacrifice that bares no resemblance to anything I’ve ever touched or tasted before. Have I landed at shores of Avalon for a final resting or new beginning of life.? 

A question only time will tell the answer to. For I will not vex or dream this time. I will simply wake each day and try harder than before to be a better version of me. So that you may always be the best version of of thee. 

2016. #fiftyeleven ❤❤❤
“to love only once would be tragic if true love never called.”

*photo credit Google search.


Parkinson’s report :

In an effort to help people understand what a day in a life of PD is like.  This weekend I was able to go see a cool 80’s band Tears for Fears.  Nostalgic really. It was an outside event in the evening so it was a tad cool and the ground a bit hard on the hips, Ha.  I sound like an old man. Either way it was lovely. Today Monday, my body and mind are slow.  The tendons in my hips and shoulders are flared up causing pain in an 6-7 level.  My silly right shoulder keeps freezing up,  or “catching”. My mood is fine though I feel a bit lazy.  I should be clean and straightening up the house but I’m exhausted. See with Parkinson’s disease it’s all about pace,  on the best of days. Otherwise it’s a Rollercoaster from hell.  So I pick and choose my battle carefully these days.  Busy weekend means slow Monday maybe Tuesday as well.  A day painting 6-7 hrs means a day of rest. A walk to the store equals a two hr nap. Eating is done in little bird sized portions of fruit and nuts every three hour.

Anyhow today has been okay. I’ve been able to focus long enough to make sure I have a ride to my appointments this week.  I don’t have  money anymore so I don’t really worry about that kind of stuff. I have food, paint and friends/family so I’m good. Here is a look at some pieces I’ve been working on. 

This piece is 12″×12″thus far it’s received one color and one sanding. 

Here is a Close-up of the Gemini piece. Lots more coming on this one. Right then it’s of to Napland for a bit as the fatigue is quicker than I today. Cheers and have a great Monday. I hope all are well. 
Please remember to be brave be bold and thrive in the life you have. You never know when things will change.

B. 2016 
Stiffness :8
Slow :7
Thinking :clear but distracted
Balance :7

Pin a note to my chest.

I wrote today as a writer may do from time to time.  Yes I’m a painter, I can also dance and pre Parkinson’s disease I could sing. Lol triple threat they used to call it.  Guess I just dated myself a bit. Dad joke 😕Anyhow this piece is simple it’s about my life from a very young age as a traveler to a young man with Parkinson’s disease. Please clear your mind and feel what I feel for a small moment in time:

~Pin a note to my chest and send me away. 
~Pin a note to my chest and remind me what to do today.
~Pin a note to my chest and remember me as I was.
~Pin a note to my chest and remind me who I am.

The end. 
“A life in progress.”


Love notes….

There are times when you are so beautiful I can’t remember my name. There are times when your touch truly is the only thing that eases the thought of my death. Slowly watching from above, your tears fall so gracefully when you’re sad. 

So it’s been said there are many ways to open a broken heart. Time and patience was mine. Thank you for seeing that. I am forever thankful. I’m a giver, mentor, lover and friend. But you my dear are a star far brighter than the sun shall ever be. My dear, sweet shiny lover. 
The End. 

B. 2016 

Sneak peek. 

#workinprogress #gemini

A life in progress.