Crickets~Talk Till dawn.

To what hearts delight as the time slips alway by your side.
Such companionship, nay
I say true friendship of the kind that is:

I see you, you see me as real as can be friend that
Tells you your wrong when your wrong
And stands behind you when your justified.
These are the friends to stand the long fight.

With one to my left and none to my right.
My dearst sweet friend i could talk all night.

But instead of these things that might cause of delight you my sweet dear are fighting your own fight. 

So I.You see, I think you should be you and I will be me.
We’ll meet in the middle and see what we see.


“A life in progress.”
**dedicated to a friend of mine fighting thyroid cancer. Sometimes the friends and people you need in your life have been there the whole time and it simply takes life a while to connect your orbits.


Some words strung together in a possible poetic cantor.

Such treacherous words lay
upon the floor like knives
At a gun fight.
Useless unless you know what you are doing.
False pretense in a world lost to itself chewing deeper into the madness of societies chaos.
I think the God would be ashamed of us. Such lyrical genius and misspent youth climbing the walls of Babylon only to fall to their deaths in a sea of despair.
Woe does this heart break upon the rock of future past far to often.
As if to reclaim some sense of understanding as the memories of my life wash away in the sand of the Parkinsons sea.
Each grain Sand a thought, a wish, a dream lost or forgotten.
Such beautiful eyes does the night sky have and I’m sure here lips are soft as silk.
Goodnight moon and stars above take care of each other for there is nothing without love.

A life in progress


Midnight music and words 8/18

Into the night I’ve cast a song of love and loss a thousand time for a thousand souls.
Tonight the crickets came and sang once again their song of change
And love.
A tunes sung and heard only by those who have know love and know loss.
Tonight a white dove sailed the skies with my crows and I cried and wept like a child as the tears of remembrance came in waves.

I could listen to the stories we tell a thousand times yet I feel we’ve yet touch to the surface of the great depth of freedom from a spiritual hell created by a thousands of years of healing the dead, loving the loveless and holding mirrors for blind princesses.

In the wake of your presences I create and think. Charge myself for another day of challenge and fortitude.
Though now I know that the path is not as I sought but is what I seek.

can I tell you a secret you already know.
Your words have power for making things grow as fast as the seeds of knowledge can sow.
My love you must feed the children with all of your thoughts and all of your graces
For these are the humans that will carry our faces.
Then came the light, the spark and fire that drove me stop these thoughts of desire.
For I have been shown what the way is to be. That joy is the butterfly named after me. My job is to catch her and then set her free as good mothers and fathers always should be.
The end.

“A life in progress”



Today, not like any other day.

Each day my garden grows stronger
each day the memories of you grow longer
harder to find in the fading light.
the flowers have found their way back to me
as you never will.
but it seems i no longer need you too.

ive looked inside and found the boy,
scared and alone.
affraid that the monters will come and
take me away.
ive called to him.. And shown him the way home.
we spoke of love,loss,learning and fire flies,
fishing and wishing poles. I spoke to him and I and we and they
and it been decided it will be okay.

Each day my gardens grow stronger, more full of the flowers
that used to call our song, now only sing for me…..
each day i grow stronger, wiser, more able to understand
and accept the shaky land i walk upon with gods graces and friendly faces pave these streets of gold.

Each day my garden grows, my heart heals, my mind forget and im reminded of the clock that ticks above my head as these bones and tendons tighten and flexs, creak and crack under the dyskinetic twist of the meds.
each day my garden grows stronger and so do i.
each day i remember, i remember you less.

“a life in progress”
** yes this piece is based on my life and its events. Though probably not the ones you think. 😜😶



Why? Because I have to. 


I just wanted to say thank you for your kindness, support and love. Over the past few months or years things have been incredibly hard to adjust to, things have changed in my life that I never would have expected to change nor would I have expected them to change in the way that they did. So each day when I wake I put on my happy face put on my big boy pants and I try. Some days I fail, some days I succeed but everyday I wake up and I try to spread as much joy and love kindness as I can. Lately it seems like I’ve been asking for a lot of help and I just want to say, thank you,  thank you very very much.I honestly don’t know that I would be here if it wasn’t for the people that reach out to me online. I have very few physical people in my life and the ones that I do have they’re grown-ups they have kids and wives, careers, partners. You know it’s an interesting life to be my age, in this time where I felt i should be with a partner and experiencing the amazing things of life and to not be doing so is tremendously heartbreaking. So again, thank you much love. 

“Be brave, be bold and  thrive the life you have. ”