Be the voice of change

Words~ For the fall of mankind lay in the hands of mortal hearts beating full of rage as they realize time is not standing still be racing at its own heart beat. Faster than the suns tears dry for the oceans bleed as the land cries.  What tribe of men or womankind will breath life back to desert and fill the halls of love with laughter and innocence.  

For have we not worn this crown to long upon this earth not to give back to her heart?  I ask you this in parting smiles.  What have you done today to bring the smiles back to those who love you and those you love?  Ponder this as you read the paper and watch the destruction  in awe.  Ask yourself the last time you laughed out loud or sang in rain with tears joy? . This life,  this life is yours sing proudly my love for the angels will hear your cries. 
B. 2016
“A life in progress.”

Quick hello 

Hello and welcome. Sorry to be so brief today but I’m not feeling very well. What started as a tickle in the throat has turned onto the classic,  throat full of glass, fever etc…  In between naps and med times I’ve been trying to paint. Lol yes I know I should actually be in bed resting , but…. I’m not so good at that during the day. Anyway here are a few more shots of one of the four pieces I’ve in the works.

As always much love and light to all.  Please  be kind to eachother as we enter the end of the year. Our world needs balance. 
A life in progress.


Instagram madness 

No not really Madness per say. I’ve just been posting a lot of stuff on Instagram because it’s quick and short and sweet and I can put photo on and wham, one and done also my typing skills have been drastically hampered by the fact that my hands are shaky because I have Parkinson’s disease. LOL. Sadly I’ve been thinking about ways to still run my blog via voice software while I still can.  I don’t know. Today kinda sucks.  I had to go up to OHSU and have more testing and talk one on one with the neuropsychologist. Don’t get me wrong she’s a nice person but it’s always hard to have to face any type of the medical situation head-on especially when it’s incurable progressive neurological disorder such as Parkinson’s disease so the conversations that I have with her are very much heart to heart and everything is real there’s no holding back.  We talk about plans for the future, ie. End of life shit, we talk about the fear and depression associated with having  PD. We talk openly about what it’s like to experience diminishing cognitive functions and be cognizant of it. It’s kind of like watching a really bad train wreck in slow motion and then realizing that you’re on the train. Life has a  cruel sense of irony. Anyhow it’s been a tough week for for me and PD I’ve been fighting and it’s been fighting back which makes me a tad grumpy lol.  

Right then it’s time to eat some food and not contemplate the day for once. Please remember to always, Be brave, be bold and thrive in the life you have. 
B. 2016

Second layer of color, work in progress. Lots more to come.


Waxing poetic 21/09/2016 says the chalk board… 

The morning has come to greet me again and for that I’m thankful. Though each day the dawn comes a little later, a little more hard to navigate. At a cost. 
The dawn comes slowly today,  to these aching bones and tendons so tight. A fog covers all I see as a chilled breeze dizzies my head.
I will shed this lead suit that weighs me down… Slowly and ever so careful as to not rush the day, so I wait. I take my meds, I eat my food and I wait for the moment Parkinson’s releases its grip on me and like a fox and hound I shall bound freely.  With patients I wait for this demon to free my frozen shoulder and stiffened hips. As soon as the balance returns to the earth and I’m sure footed.Then and only then do I too desire to roam the day in search of adventure and inspiration. That will draw my next creations to life and with this I leave this thought. Do you truly take the time EACH DAY to appreciate the time you had on this earth today, this day, right now? If not then please,  do so. One time each day and soon one will find joy in the smallest places. 

The End. 

Be brave be bold and thrive in the life you have.

My mirror. 

You are my mirror with a voice that doesn’t sway doesn’t faulter or run away. 

You are my mirror when my voice has no tone or words that match my face.  

You are my mirror that reminds me I have value, that I don’t and may never see or feel, but you do and that’s all that matters to me. 

You are not me nor I you nor shall we ever be.  Yet there is a sense of of complex completion without sacrifice that bares no resemblance to anything I’ve ever touched or tasted before. Have I landed at shores of Avalon for a final resting or new beginning of life.? 

A question only time will tell the answer to. For I will not vex or dream this time. I will simply wake each day and try harder than before to be a better version of me. So that you may always be the best version of of thee. 

2016. #fiftyeleven ❤❤❤
“to love only once would be tragic if true love never called.”

*photo credit Google search.