I remember why I’m here.

If this is a dream do not wake me for I have found heaven in the heart of this darkness. In the hardest of times I gave it all up. I had somehow become unworthy of love and happiness as it had been known to me. I had become more, or maybe less than I was as a man. Either way when the dust settled I was alone, barren of the seed and fruits of my life long labor. All my memories dashed upon the rocks of a misguided future and worst still,there were monsters waiting at home to devour what was left .

You didn’t leave a stone unturned this universe of God and mankind. I , you have deconstructed this human beast into a diffrent creation, something of joy and beauty, sadly cursed with the passion of a thousand men the heart of a lion, the soul of saint, tongue of the devil and hand of a hero.

I come to you on bended knee take me as I am. Take me for me and I’ll give you all that I be.. I have nothing and everything to give,.the only thing left is me.


Thoughts and expressions of my life.


The dawn

In this darkest hour of the morning, just before dawns light kisses the morning clouds from their nightly slumber. My heart yearns for your heart. The warm embrace of sunlight glistening from your eyes as the last thing I see before the night turns to day. These are only some of things I miss as the darkness kisses the light from from heart and shaking soul. I yearn to once again be held y the soul that will see me too this new dawn. Or has this dream left me forevermore.


Love~broken into small pieces for easy digestion

I can not give what I do not have and I do not have what I can not find.

From such broken hearts bleed shards of glass as my love puddles at you heels for wayward steps.

There are times when I wonder if even your empty passions were not worth the pain.


One last time..

As the depth of my heart crash against the gentle shores of your life. Don’t fear the darkness that bares down upon me, for it is just covering the golden light behind it’s fearsome blackened eyes of pending passing. I do not fear death as I walk towards the door to forevermore. With you by my side I the darkness gives way and I fade into the light one last time.


2018 end of the year words.

Merry Christmas

Just a quick hello and Merry Christmas to all of you. I love you and I miss you. I’m not sure how or if I’ll keep up on social media in 2019 this last year has me broken and honestly fairly distrustful of close relationships. Cancer , Parkisons disease, bad choices some beyond my control some because of how my perception of the word has changed me.amd my reaction to it and the people I’ve encountered. With all my belongings still in Arizona and no family in Salem I doubt I’ll stay here for long. Just enough time to settle some debts and say some good-byes. May all of you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year. The the world be kind to you and you to it.