Blue dreams of Blue.

Blue dreams of blue
And I dream of you
The prettiest girl
That I ever knew
My baby, my baby
My baby blue. 💙



Hitters are quitters

As the grasp of spring night lift it’s grasp on the pending day, my head yearns for you while my body lay indifferent. I never desired your body and it’s landscape untill you left. I’m found wondering with the last taste on my lips yours. The heat on my skin from yours and the last seed planted infertal never to be a man never to be a woman just another part of me washed away for the sons of another man. This is why my lovers heart has grown cold ideas of fair turned fare at such a cost by morals and standard my internal banker said “take a loss”, cut your cost, this bird you try to cage is nothing but rage and do not wish to be hit again.

Head spinning!!I thought we were winning.? Now 3 weeks later your nothing but a hater a morals debater. That’s why my dear I’ll see ya later. Bye bye don’t cry at 94 I won’t matter anymore, so please just forget my name and one day if I’m lucky I’ll do the same. Hitters are quitters, so what was your name???

The end.

Benjamin -2018

Find me..

It’s there you’ll find me. Beneath the rubble of my shattered dreams. Piles of pills and tinctures galore, all to ease the pain of the day. It’s there you’ll find me, mixed in paint and whsipers, scattered in the words spilled so carelessly aross the canvas of my life. It’s there you’ll find me sleeping under the old oak trees, dreaming of you and a gentle warm breeze. All you have to do is come find me… The end.

Benjamin. 2018

Faded love… In times of great change..

In these times of sudden change I find myself reaching for you only to have found you’ve moved on.. I forget sometimes.. I’m use to you going and coming back home but the idea of forever never crossed my mind. I never should have promised my heart and soul to a ghost of forgot dreams. I hope one day to be at peace with myself but honestly that sanctuary is long gone

My demons have come to many times. They know my name and I thiers. The time of a silent mind and gentle spirit are gone, now is the time for fighting and gaining ground before the Parkinson’s disease demon swallows me whole. Come and play,come and stay I promise the show will be grand. Especially the finally I hear is to die for. 😉

Until next time.