A long way from home.

Every time I think I’ve rid myself of your bitter taste, I find you linger still. Failing each attempt I flee. Heart races as wings unfold all mirrors are broken now. I can’t see my face or yours. Everything is numb , I rarely know what day it is… Sadly I don’t care , I’ve no reason to.

Words written with a mind flight and broken soul. Left to wander as it has always been. Finding bits of myself hinding under rocks and worms . Tis the season of joy I’m told, as I reflect on years gone, bye. Softly they all fade away as I’m sent flying again higher further and further way each time . Fearful of the time I leave as each passing moment there seems less and less of me to come home to.

Always Benjamin.

*Words written because they needed to be. Not for you , just for me. Verbal waste from me.

Winter wings

Fly from me, fly from me my love for you do not wish truly wish to bare this burden. One glimpse into the heart of darkness would truly drive you mad.

With winter wings fly from this heart of broken stones , broken dreams snd lost hope. Never would I wish you unwell and im sorry my mind leave me so quickly. The heavens call my name so loudly these days. My head in the clouds , my heart in my sleeve , my mind lost amongst a trillion of thoughts colors and emotions…. once I was now I am not and soon a shall be.