The world as I see it.

As I’ve grown older the world has changed a great deal. I’ve always been a watcher. Since I was a very very young boy I’ve been watching listening and most importantly I’ve been understanding the things and situations around me. Now I’m finding the one thing I don’t understand is the amount of cruelty in our world. When did it become a world of killers a world of sinners walking around in the skins of saints. House tainted with lies and demons so deep, generations of demons .

I find that each time I reach out to the world as it is, it bites me hard, I see it’s evils and I’m done with it. I’ve my purpose on this planet. You’ll have to come to me. I’m done playing games . I do not fear commitment , I fear lack there of. If you need be I’ll be getting ready for the spring and summer.



To my children-I miss you

Good morning!

Well its 1 46 pm here. And I have no clue what time is it elsewhere but since it’s now I am starting to work on the rest of the things, it’s a morning for me.

Yesterday has been so intense!

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. For being part of this journey and supporting me throughout.

At one point Swinging Sanity was on No. 4 in one category and that already had 2000 or so books, so it’s amazing for an unpublished book.

Yesterday I had to force myself to stop. It was insane I wouldn’t stop refreshing my book’s page and staring at screen like a hypnotized idiot.

We are already in phase two. And this feels like pre-battle ground situation where you are sharpening the spears, feeding the horses, training the soldiers.

I have a lot of work to do before 12th March that is…

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