Like yours, like mine..

I tried to lift you up, Yet you dropped me when i fell. You were the one i thought. The one i thought would ease the burden of this body, heart and soul.

You judged me when I mispoke, when the charges of my mind collided. You were here to sooth and recognise but rather met me with distain and disgust in your eyes. This though is not your biggest sin, no. Your biggest sin is the inabilty to it let go and let grow the seeds that were planted. By words far smarter than I.

My rib is yours, is it not? Tho it seems these lessons you never really learned or somehow just forgot. Do we not all have a pair of wings and devils horns. Is free will not the death of human kind. Simple little choices like yours, like mine.



Once upon a dream..

There was a time when i believed in young love. A time when roses where full and fresh, the air bright and full of desire. Those days of wine and roses have come and gone one thousand times and not a day has pasted that my soul hasn’t died a thousand deaths since I left your hearts desire.

Colder the nights have grown without you by my side. Just the whirl of the heater and the electric hum of the tv to replace the beating of your heart. I never knew life could change so quickly or dramatically in a day. But i guess life and death are just one simple human heart beat apart arn’t they…?

Tonight this heart beats alone and tired from the battles of this body and mind. The cost to high to measure by hand of man, surely my misdeeds must be great for this punished life to warrant such chaos and pain of tortured soul. Shall there be no true angels left amongst the dead. The end.

Benjamin 2017

Be brave,be bold and thrive in the life you have.” you never know when things will change but change they will.

These Arms..

These arms weep with sorrows heavy as the day goes and quickly becomes night again. Another day, week without you by my side.

Knowing I’ll never know the taste of your kiss or softests skin…. For this life causes such grief and madness in us all. Stories that begin and never end. Always searching for a thing i lost years ago, my mind, my heart or my keys…? In jest;Mayhaps just my marbles as they crashed from your table-side mason jars.

Angels fall from skies as we all watch on with blind eyes and cold hearts tempered from years of numbing pain… Years of ethernet glow crumbling our minds and hearts to the point of complete disconnect. Sadly humanity has been lost at the cost of knowledge and wisdom at the expence of youth and experience..

Faith isn’t an option in a society of freedom of speech and bullets fly from weapons of man carried by children of entitlement and lack of respect. Gone are days of men amongst boys now everyone gets a piece for free or perhaps just a small slice of (y)our soul(s)….. The End.

B-2017 “I write Stuff.”

5am somewhere

The cold has arrived en mass as the winds from the south have been relentless for days. It started as slowly as fire in spring rain and ended in swirling frost of confusion and delusional daydreams. Born from a man caught on deaths edge grasping at the unspent hopes of childhood as his demons claw their way from hells depths.

A mind slipping as a body slowly decays. People run in fear and gaurd their hearts. Faces twist in shapes of distgust and distrust of things they care not know the horrid details of. Such horres are its deathmask rigid, frozen in time and lost in a mind padded with pills, prose and paint.

Words are slowly becoming my only escape as this body grows tired. Both thoughts and action requiring the same amount of efforts, giving way are the colours of my life as this heart grower by the day and the words that fall from the sky quickly become….. It must 5am somewhere for there we could surely meet.

Benjamin-2017 #iwritestuff