**Print Shop** Ordering Prints~Limited Editions *

Holiday Print Sale

Hello and thank you for stopping by. If you’ve found yourself here then you are probably interested in getting a numbered limited edition print of and original piece of work.
As this section of the site is new please check back often since I will be adding content continuously. For starters I will state that numbered and signed I will be making no more than 20 LIMITED EDITION prints of any given piece. All other prints after the first 20 will be an standard glossy paper of high quality. If by some chance very much down the road I decide to do a second release of a print due to demand or other reasons it will be clearly labeled as a second release so we do not devalue the first numbered release. I may choose to change paper quality or size of second pressings as well. So in short if you see a piece you want a print of make arrangements to have it done because once the are gone they will be gone.

***Updated Daily with print count availability ****

I have chosen a local company to do the print making they have a lovely website as well as a lovely print studio. I was very genuinely impressed not only with the quality of work I saw but the level of customer service and attention to detail they had in all that they do. The first number signed prints will be on Archival metallic flake paper, the same quality paper the library of congress uses to print reproductions of master works and historical documents. This paper has a shelf life of 120 years. All prints will be unmated and unframed. Should you choose to have the print matted and or framed prior to shipping any additional cost involved and will be at the sole cost of the purchaser. **All prints will ship in transport tubes unless matting and framing is requested and paid for ahead of time.

50-100 use *free shipping included **sorry USA locations only

** If you wish to purchase a print of a piece already sold I will have to contact the owner to get written approval before I can order confirm your order.

Please contact me directly benjaminprewitt1@gmail.com
** When emailing about prints please put Print Order in the subject line**
small prints available at a negotiable pric

Note: recommended print size for highest quality.

First Print Run is ready for ordering I will be doing a selected pieces only unless by popular demand of a piece dictates.


“Humility and Balance” #1 SOLD OUT left 12×12″


“Depth of Woman” #2 15/20 **only 5 left 12×12″


“Self Portrait” #3 20/20 SOLD OUT Left 12x12″


“Renascentia~Re-Birth” #9 12/20 8 left 12×12″


“Untitled~Ribbons series” 12×12″

1/10 9 left


“So many questions”

2012~Parkinson’s Series

0/5 ONLY


” Fine Art of Abstraction”

** LImited Run

1/5 12×12″


“Pi Guy and the Cowboy”


1/5 4 left 12×12″


“Evolution of Sorrow”


0/5 5 left 12×12″


” Lady of the Loch”


0/5 5 left 12″x 12″




Self Portrait




Madames Parasol


Always on my mind


Me myself and I

Currently I will be only taking custom orders for the current “One line series” These prints are one of a kind and will only be available here during the holiday print sale. FRAMED IN A DARK ROSEWOOD FRAME BLACK ALSO AVAILABLE…ONE LINE ONLY. 100$ EACH

**All Orders will be placed on Mondays and Fridays by 12pm PST

34 thoughts on “**Print Shop** Ordering Prints~Limited Editions *

  1. Can’t remember if I told you that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the prints I got. Can’t wait to have them framed…. just waiting on $. I think mine must have been on that ship they found sunk off the cost of the Carolinas…LOL


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