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* So how does this work you may ask?Simple if you see a piece you would like send me an email I’ll get your shipping info, get quote based on the shipping address and size of piece, email you a bill of receipt. At that point you donate and I ship it, sending you a tracking number and link, simple. All pieces will be insured for shipping so neither you or I are out anything if the UPS truck blows up, heaven forbid
Sincerely, Benjamin
**Signed numbered prints are now available please see Print Section tab.
**Acrylic commissions start at 75.00 usd per square foot and oils start at 100.00 per square foot. Large piece discounts available. Please feel free to contact me at any time at

** I also will except trade, air miles, easels, cars 😉 Paint and scheduled payments with a security deposit.
** All the painting on this entire site are for sale with a suggested donation in usd. Shipping cost will be varied based on size and weight of piece. You may choose to have a piece shipped unframed or you can email me and we can discuss the option of a custom frame. 99% of my work is on 1/4 inch Birch Panels usually 36×48 or 24×48 I will do smaller collections on gallery ready cradled birch box. Please enjoy the site.


“The Long Road”
36×48 unframed
2012 Parkinson’s series
Acrylic on panel
400.00 USD
# LR1


Acrylic on panel
2012 Parkinson’s series
350.00 usd


Acrylic on canvas
2012 Parkinson’s series
250.00 usd


“Guiding Light”
Mixed Media on panel
350.00 usd
2012 Parkinson’s series


“To many pills” 26″x 38″

Custom Frame,hand varnished

Mixed media on panel

2012 Parkinson’s series 275.00 usd

“Angels and Demons”





“Angels and Demons”
40″ x 52″ *framed
Mixed Media on Masonite




“d’où vient ma douleur vivre”
Where does my pain live
28″ x 50″
Acrylic on panel
650.00 usd


“October Rain”
Acrylic on panel
275.00 usd




“An ode to De Kooning, Moving On”
40″ x 51″
Mixed Media on birch panel
1200.00 usd


Sanguine Moon28″ x 40″

Mixed media on

**Sanguine Moon took 1st place at a local juried show:



“Internal Light”
“Internal Light”41 X 52 inches
Acrylic on 1/4in Birch Panel
Hand applied varnish
W/ hand crafted custom frame
500.00 usd




Mixed media ~ inks,oils and Acrylics
Hand applied varnish
On 1/4″Birch Panel

I brought the latest edition in the studio up from the depths to bask in some natural light I think these shots will help you see the true colors behind the reds.


Yes it’s true I love color. I love hiding it creating it uncovering it and seeing it in any way possible. Many of my pieces these days have had the “ribbon” effect, as I’m in a state of change and growth. As my blog name states and Evolution of Art, my art, my life, my Parkinson’s and my soul.
May the day be kind and gentle to all of you today.


“Strange Love”
24″x 24″
Mixed media
Hand varnished not sprayed
On hand cut and sanded
White birch panel
*we thank the tree that gave its life so others could have peace,hope and love in their lives.


So Many Questions
Acrylics and Inks
2012 Parkinson’s Series
300.00 usd


Mixed media
850.00 usd
** an expression piece dealing with the cycles of life and the interpersonal relationship that come and go over a lifetime.


As I lay me down to sleep

30″ x 40″

Mixed media on gallery wrapped birch box panel




12″ x 24″
Mixed media
Acrylic, water colors and enamel


The foundation of Creation
Painters table
48″ x 39.75″
Mixed media
Except from the commissioned pieces I’ve done in the Midwest and the pieces done in Europe every piece for the past 2 years have been in this table at one point or another. It literally is the foundation of the Rees Hill studio.
NO LONGER FOR SALE Unless contacted directly

Hearts on Fire
12″ x 24″
Mixed media
Ink, enamel and acrylics
SOLD 1/4/14


This is not the most textual nor detailed piece I’ve ever done. As a matter of fact I tried to keep it simple and let the paint do the talking.

There are some words that are associated with this piece, please if you will read the words and hold them inside as you look at this painting, then I hope you will get a greater depth of this work.


Hearts on Fire
There is calm that you bring to my busy mind
That no other can bestow.
A gentleness that flows from your heart
And fills my worried soul like no other.
It is with these simple and humble hands that I do paint and write these words of heart strings and things.
These visions of color given weight
By the heart behind them.
There is no measure of thanks or soft words to imply the depth of my heart to yours or the length at which my soul soars amongst the angels in heavens high.
So for that I let my words and paint fill that void of “Hearts on Fire”>


Tempest~My Girl Collection
41.5×48.5″ or 105cm x 130cm
Mixed media
Inks and Acrylics
1500.00 USD>




Holding back the Darkness
26″x38″ framed
Mixed media
Bmp down town studio

12″ x 36″
mixed media
300 usd
*Fairmount House.


60 thoughts on “Gallery 1 For Sale stuff

  1. Amazing, I can’t get over some of these paintings. I absolutely love your untitled piece that you use as your header and ‘Lost’. I’ll have to start saving if I’m going to afford them though 😉 Mel x


  2. these are glorious…love lost because i love your use of color..and and and 🙂 if only had money but this is not the time of year to think i had any… i don’t. but if i did, lost would be it or or or


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  4. I like abstract art very much, somehow I find unknown universal energy flowing through abstract art.

    Your colors are vibrant I loved those colors in almost every artwork. excellent art.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Be in touch. Browse through the category sections,
    I feel you may find something of your interest.


  5. WOW, I love your use of colour in your paintings. They’re captivating and I am not normally one to appreciate abstract art. But yours’ have such depth of feeling it’s hard for me not to appreciate them. Your blog header is entrancing too. Beautiful. I’m not versed in art theory enough to offer a better response but your art seems to have penetrated through to my heart. Thank you.


    • Thank you very much that means a lot to me. Although I could speak all “arty” I choose not to. I’d rather my work speak to a persons heart rather than their minds, as it has done for you. And for that I’m grateful.


      • I’m fairly simplistic as I tend to like whatever touches my heart and soul. The stuff that makes me pause and think is good too but I prefer to be moved 🙂


  6. Ok…So I am definitely wanting to purchase a ” Benjamin Prewitt Original”… but having a very difficult time choosing. Your “lotus” in private collection is not for sale …is that right? Adore it 🙂 I like so many of these — will hopefully decide on “the one” soon… and write you privately. I have no idea about the concept of commissioned work – but so many amazing choices here ~ may not need to consider this. Just wanted to give you heads-up! – Will be a true honor and pleasure to own/display one of your paintings Benjamin!! x Robyn


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  9. Your art is stunning. Beautiful is not a good enough word. Creative in the extreme. I am filled with admiration. Thanks for visiting my blog, I feel so honored. Rlte


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  11. B– your lovely rebirth is here? i love that but what will it cost when your sale happens? can you share that yet so i can put hands on it if i can afford–must say probably can’t. i am preparing to sue PGE(and county over landfill-that’s another- seems i am “sue-happy” but i’m not. just had my fill.) if lawyer will go on contingency. i’ve been abused, trampled and harassed enough. xox either or


  12. These are interesting. You have quite a variety of paintings, and i think i detect a variety of techniques, but there’s still a clear stylistic thread. I like the way so many of your works demonstrate that Abstract is not random. There are some intensely evocative and moody pieces here, and they communicate quite a bit.


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  15. As always everything u paint is All beautiful work & I am so very humbled by the depth of your artistic beauty and honored to own your work ..


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