Client Feedback

This Page is dedicated to those of you who believe in my work enough to humble and honor me with your purchases and kind words.


The following are quotes from clients, friends and supporters of the arts.

20 thoughts on “Client Feedback

  1. Hi folks I’d like to invite any and all who own my work to post pics of my art in your home or office. Please leave review style comments, critiques and appreciations here.


  2. I received my one of a kind Benjamin Prewitt a few weeks ago. It was just as gorgeous as expected and hangs nicely on the wall. I would definitely purchase again, the experience was easy, the item stored so as not to be damaged in shipping, and the payment method was no risk. I highly recommend the artwork of Benjamin Prewitt. Caoimhe. Crescent Beach, Florida.


  3. Having now purchased 3 Benjamin Prewitt original paintings, I can only say that, undoubtedly, these are my most treasured artistic possessions. Prewitt’s work is unique; It speaks a magical language all its own — one of heart, soul, life and imagination.

    I feel so very fortunate to have discovered Prewitt’s collections – and believe he is a contemporary artistic genius of our time, with an ability to create art that is both timeless, and captivating.
    I believe it is his own life experience that has enriched his vision and his gift.

    Family and friends who visit, and admire Prewitt’s works displayed in my home, are most always in awe of the beauty and the emotion/feeling his paintings exude. They are the kind of works you can stare at for hours, and just listen to the stories they tell and the songs that they sing. Very special.

    I could not have asked to do business with finer artist, or a more professional, kind and wonderful soul as Benjamin Prewitt.

    Robyn Lee
    New York


  4. Benjamin Prewitt does not paint but merely breathes his very essence upon his canvas. I look at his work and it speaks so pivotally with the depths of my heart. There is something to be said for those that can create an emotional experience and Benjamin is a rare occurrence and truly exceptional treasure.

    I hope one day to have a symphony of pieces pulling upon the strings of my heart not only because of the unquestionable talent that bleeds from his fingertips, but because he is truly such an amazing person.

    I cannot speak more highly of the art or the artist. I have no qualifications to discuss technique and style…all I know is that with each of his pieces I feel and that to me is what art is all about.


  5. Benjamin’s art is definitely something to leave you speechless and in awe, just proving, that he has a talent, most of us can only dream about. His art is the expression of such a powerful and heartfelt emotion, it reflects the passion he has for what he is creating.
    I have been interested in art since I was very young due to my bohemian upbringing, but Benjamin’s works are one of a kind and his technique and dedication to it is utterly inspiring and I cannot express how amazed I always am seeing his new pieces.

    Chatty Owl aka Martina


  6. I am the proud collector of four pieces of Benjamin’s art, and I can’t say enough about the light and love they bring to my home. Each piece has its own character and tone, but they are all alive; they sing to me, speak poetry. I have one piece hanging so it is the first thing I see when I wake up and the last thing I see when I go to sleep. That particular piece evokes such peacefulness in me that I think of it as meditation in the form of art.
    Benjamin, himself, is an amazing, caring person, and a true survivor, and this is conveyed in his artwork. There is a strength and honesty about them that is very powerful. I am proud to have Benjamin’s works hanging in my home.


  7. I stumbled upon Benjamin Prewitt upon the recomendation of a friends blog she generally highlights writers & poets so an artist seemed interesting . from the first moment i saw his work read his blog i was hooked , captivated and obsessed with owning an original piece of his work .That being said i am now the proud owner of an original Benjamin Prewitt original … and its breathtaking . I cannot say enough of how wonderful this man is he is a truly a gifted artist, poet and caretaker of a beautiful soul ,also a strength that many of us cannot and do not posses .
    He is a pleasure and a professional to work with ( no diva tantrums here thank God) and I fully expect to buy more of his spectacular work in months to come (just need to find walls to hang them ) lol . Thank you Benjamin for giving us this joy & beauty that is your Art
    Xoxo …. Namaste


  8. Gosh, these are such great quotes of praise and appreciation, and I don’t think I ever anything more than I love mine! LOL I like that I can get lost in the observing of the ones I have. 😀 But I must agree with the one above, I do think you are a fabulous artist and just can’t believe our luck in finding you here, where we can become friends as well as clients. You are an artistic genius, but I wouldn’t want that to all go to your head cuz you might have a problem fitting it through the door. 😀 (smiles) Sorry I don’t get to stop by as often lately, but you know why… I have absolutely no energy left at the end of the day. I just have so much to deal with right now…as do you and others, I’m sure, but I just can’t seem to make myself pick up my computer. Sending (((Hugs))) and Positive energy! Hope you are doing okay. (I do think of you every time I pass one of your paintings though… sorry there is no little bell to ding so you’ll know though 😀 lol)


    • Thank you dear friend. I hope to remain humble for all of my days. I’m blessed to be able to express myself through paint and even more so that there are people in the world that have grown to appreciate my work. Still to this day I see myself as just a man who paints nothing more. If god has chosen me to express and for some to appreciate it then so be it.
      Much love and light


  9. I have two pieces of Benjamin’s art, and they are absolutely amazing. To see them on line is one thing but when you see them in person they’re even more stunning. I love them. They both hang in my front hallway where I always have a view of them.
    To have two pieces of Benjamin’s art is a true honour. Ben you are incredibly talented!
    Here’s a link to my post on them and pictures of them.


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